Should Black Women Use Grease in Their Haircare Routine?


August 5th, 2021

Welcome back to the Glamour Magick Beauty blog. If you haven’t already, please tune into my latest Mercury Day episode on the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast.

Anywho, today I’m back to speak on more natural hair concerns. While watching YouTube videos by Naturalista’s giving their advice about how to properly take care of Black hair, many gurus denounced grease as well as plenty of other “greasier” petroleum based products such as various lotions, creams, and other hair dresses. While I agreed then and now that many of these products weigh the hair down, don’t properly moisturize and cause build up. I also believe balance is key to anything. Also proper application is necessary. Now that I’m grown I no longer use the heavy products my Mother used on my hair growing up, nor do I use products the way she used them.

I still like to grease my scalp at night from time to time to encourage growth, but I don’t cover my hair strands with petroleum based products. Natural Hair Nazi’s seem to pride themselves on how others care for their hair. I recommend the usual, finding a balance and products that work for you.

I enjoy the three products you see in the photo. The hair dress has beeswax so it’s my least favorite as I find it to be the heaviest of the three. If you’re going to use grease regularly, I recommend washing once weekly to avoid build up! Give them a try and hit me up on Twitter and let me know how you like them. Til next time!

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