Glamour Magick Summer Skincare Essentials: SPF & Face Masks

August 6, 2021


Welcome back to the Glamour Magick Beauty blog! Keep your ears to the streets for the upcoming Venus day episode, gathering some ideas now. Any who, today I’m here just for a basic chat about some of my essentials for Summer. Ladies, I hope you’re wearing SPF! Whether you’re black, brown, white, or green I hope you’re wearing SPF. Outside is grimy, the air is polluted, and the ozone is holding on by a thread, so please, wear your SPF. For my people who aren’t on the Clear Skin Train yet–the way to make SPF easier to apply and incorporate is to get an affordable and easy to apply product.

The Neutrogena Sheer Zinc sunscreen stick is the lightest, most sheer SPF I’ve tried. It has Vitamin E and is SPF 50– plus I love thats its like a deodorant stick that can easily be be rubbed on and rubbed in the skin.

Another skin essential I use reguarly in the Summer is my DIY Clay Mask (recipe coming soon). I use this as a spot treatment or all over face mask to dry up pimples, cool irritation bumps, keep my skin smooth, and brighten my complexion. The Aztec clay is going to make your face feel tight and pulsate so it’s a full-on experience. It can be drying so I recommend it for oily people and those experiencing breakouts. Maybe apply all over the face no more than twice a week. Use in problem areas every other day or daily (consult a physician). This mask is a multitasker for sure and very affordable to make.Just a heads up to make it in small batches and keep it in the fridge or it’ll mold in no time!

Two other masks I thoroughly enjoy that are also less harsh are my OLAY Fresh Reset clay stick and my Origins Out of Trouble mask. The Out of Trouble mask is packed with sulfur which helps to dry up pimples, and the formula is creamy so it’s less “harsh” than the DIY clay mask. I’d recommend using the Out of Trouble as a spot treatment on active pimples.

The OLAY Fresh Reset mask is clay based so it’s another oily skin friendly option. The formula is creamy and gentle, awesome if you already have pretty good skin and want something to maintain it. The clay is great for absorbing oil and impurities and brightening. I also love how the packaging is travel friendly like the sunscreen stick so it’s a win-win.

What are some of the sunscreens and skin masks that y’all are currently using? Do you have any DIY products in your routine? Let me know! Join the conversation on Twitter, #GMB. I’ll be celebrating Venus day on the podcast later

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