2021 Astro Transit: Venus is Moving into Libra!

August 15, 2021


Welcome back to the Glamour Magick Beauty Blog. Venus moves into Libra tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited. Practicing witches rejoice! ‘Tis a great time to make significant progress in our glamour magic and work with the energy of the Divine Feminine.

Venus will be in Libra until September 10th, after it’ll enter October which is going to be just in time for Halloween. I plan on using this burst of Venusian energy to clear my skin, spruce up my eating habits and be more consistent with some of the many supplements I wrote about. Today is a Sunday–I’m feeling the beginning of the week energy and it feels quite high. I started my day by meditating and visualizing. For breakfast I opted for oatmeal fueled with Ashwanganda instead of what has been my usual indulgence of grits, pork, and eggs. I’m going extra hard with my water intake.

In addition to my meal, I deep conditioned with coconut oil and did a sheet mask. I’m feeling so empowered and fueled up already! This Venus season I plan to test my self discipline and my ability to stay consistent. One’s Great Work and Magic practice is a journey and nothing worth having is easy.

On Friday the 13th, I made a Venus Day podcast episode featuring Deborah Castellano’s, ‘Glamour Magic: The Witchcraft Revolution to Get What You Want’. Throughout this Venus season I will be trying out some of her esoteric experiments and will elevate my practice overall. What will y’all be doing with this pleasant Venusian energy? Are you working on any glamour magic?

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