Incorporating Glamour Magick into Your Haircare Routine

August 17, 2021


Welcome back to the Glamour Magick Beauty Blog! Let’s talk about our precious hair and the work, or lack thereof, that we put into it. If you’re on top of your astrology you’re aware Venus is in Libra until September 10th. If you’ve been keeping up with the Blog or the GMB Podcast then you’re aware that not only am I going, “all out” for this transit but that I’m encouraging my fellow Magicians to do the same.

Besides cleaning up my eating habits and taking a break from smoking, I will be extra intentional about my haircare routine over the next few weeks. Our hair is often referred to as our “crown” is linked with strength and our connection to the spirit realm. With that being said, how are you treating your crown, or perhaps antenna? Even if you’re not a spiritual person, you more than likely can attest to the fact that hair has a direct link to one’s self-esteem. The memories of good and bad hair days stick with us and I think many of us know how a chemical treatment gone wrong (dye, relaxer, etc) or a bad hair cut can set us back in our hair and self care journeys by months.

Like anything, hair takes time to grow and must be cared for properly to maintain its progress. I find my hair tends to grow best when I do the “minimum” and forget about it. However, this has a dark side too. I must admit I’ve been a bit too laissez-faire over the past few months (*church gasp whilst clutching pearls*). That being said I have every intention of using Venus in Libra to get back my tail back on the horse and focus on my mane (Ha, see what I did there?). If you have any plans on doing the same, get into the glamour spells below!

Spell 1: The Way is Through Water

I encourage you to be intentional with everything–even your hair washing routine. Of course being intentional requires knowing what you want first. Would you like your hair to be longer, healthier, stronger, softer, more hydrated? Pick a victory and go from there. Prepare some affirmations and as you’re shampooing, say them aloud as if they’re already true! E.G I love my beautiful healthy long hair and I take the necessary actions to keep it that way— or perhaps–I love, embrace and care for my lustrous curls and I do what it takes to protect them. Boom, you’ve got yourself some spells boo! Remember action + intention = magic.

Spell 2: Lock in Your Intent

If you’re going to be manipulating your hair in any way that’s not going to leave your hair down and flowing freely, then I recommend setting intentions as your hair is being tucked away. This spell is typically used if you’re going to be braiding, twisting, or locking your hair. I’d even recommend it to those using rollers as this would leave the hair “hemmed up” for a while. As your braiding/twisting/locking/rolling again, have those intentions in mind. E.G three times longer, three times stronger, my hair splits and breaks no longer. I just gave y’all a free gem, thank me now and later please!

Spell 3: Work Those Roots

For my overachievers who really want to see your hair and intentions grow like wild fire, it’s time to get crafty. This will require the most energy out of you but will garner the best results. Before either us get started, those intentions have got to be set! You need intentions for this spell because it’ll require a bit of “hood” alchemy. Once you’ve decided what you want for your hair, gather some ingredients (herbs, oils, or any combination of hair friendly products) that fit the bill for your hairy desires. You could Pull out your fave products from under the sink and mix them with additional hair benefiting ingredients or you can make a grease, shampoo, conditioner, etc from scratch. The more you are involved in the creation process the better the magic will work. Heighten your magic by stating affirmations and intentions as you mix your conception and ultimately apply it to your head. You’re welcome Rapunzel!

Now that you’ve got you some spells to get you going, let me add some heavier jewels that crown of yours. I kicked Venus in Libra off by taking some Hair, Skin, and Nails supplements and doing a thorough cleaning (soap and hot water) of my hair brush. Got you thinking huh? When was the last time you cleaned your comb or hair brush? I don’t use my brushes and combs like I used to now I that wear my hair in a fro so yeah, I hate to tell ya it had been “a while” but, better late than never! Another crucial step in the haircare routine that seems to be underestimated is deep conditioning. Yes, just another thing that I’ve been “chill” about since my curls are healthy now and I don’t manipulate them at all. However, it’s all fun and games until your hair is dry and you’re like, “Wait, when was the last time I did a hair mask?” If you can’t remember because it’s been “a while” then it’s been too long.

To my lovely readers, will you be letting your hair down to try out some of these tips? Do you have a master plan in place for your glamour or magic over the Venus in Libra transit? How do you plan to take action? How will you stay consistent when it gets hard? Drop down in those comments…

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