Venus in Libra + Latest Beauty Finds from Marshall’s

August 16, 2021


Welome back to the Glamour Magick Beauty Blog! Venus has officially moved into Libra today, are you ready to turn up the heat on your (glamour) magic? I put “glamour” in parenthesis because no matter which genre of magic you practice this astrological placement is great to work with if you’re looking to make progress. Please tune into the Glamour Magick Beauty Podcast to hear me drop some spells (for any level of Magician) that you can implement into your rituals/routine.

Now for the fun stuff! I went shopping yesterday so I’ve got beauty products to show off. I stopped by Marshall’s just for candles but it y’all know how that goes. I definitely left with more stuff than I planned to even after exercising some level of self control. I scored some authentic African Black Soap which is hands down my best find because I got it for under $5 and it helps my eczema and breakouts tremendously. I opened the packaging immediately and have already used the soap so I don’t have a pic–can’t win ’em all.

Out of this lineup the Skin Food Rose and Aloe Toner and Essano’s Cinnamon Gel Cleanser were found at Marshall’s. All the other products are just items that I’ll be challenging myself to using consistently in my self care routine over the Venus in Libra transit. See those hair, skin, and nails supplements?

Then I ran into this baby here. I do have sciatica in my right leg and love a good minty lotion to help soothe discomfort. I had no intentions of picking up a plain relief gel but the Universe had other plans. I got this Mineral Ice gel for $3! Totally worth it as it really isn’t greasy at all, dries down perfectly and is cooling indeed. Now that’s what I call a W lol. Get into it!

Ok, didn’t find these either but here are two other products I plan on testing and trying out over this Venus transit. I’ve had the Strawberry Scrub for a while and I enjoy it but y’all know I struggle with being consistent. I just got Clean & Clear’s Lemon Juice toner the other day, I use it as night because stepping out in the Sun after using a “lemon” based product just doesn’t seem like a wise move for one’s skin. I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Venus in Libra has definitely brought out the Product Junkie in me. Between this trip to Marshall’s and the Summer Essentials I still have from Whole Foods, I have a ton of new products to try. Stay tuned for I’ll be actively updating with reviews and check ins throughout this lovely placement! In the meantime, how’s your glamour (magic) going? Go crazy in the comments….

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