Balancing Hormones and A Look into Venus in Scorpio

September 3, 2021


Welcome back to the Glamour Magick Beauty blog! Today I’m going to talk about how mild hormonal changes have affected my skin and my plan to tackle the matter using glamour magic and natural herbs and tinctures. Venus in Scorpio is right around the corner and I wanted to discuss some teas and supplements I discovered that could help us Ladies balance our hormones. I had no idea that post care is required when One decides to go off birth control. I’m 24 and I quit birth control about a year ago maybe. I can tell my hormones are a bit out of wack because my skin is being affected. While I am blessed not to have had a full break out yet, my skin is starting to change. Bumps now get me in the chin, neck, and jawline and sugar highly affects my skin like it did when I was 16. Scars take longer to fade and a year of wearing a mask didn’t help either.

I am dedicated to change and taking charge of my feminine health. I just ordered a hormone balancing her called Vitex off of Amazon. Many ladies have had success with it. I am a bit scared to take it for fear of the adverse affect that my skin could break out. I don’t know how my skin will respond to this herb so I plan to take it slow. I’m considering taking one every other day for about two weeks and if nothing bad happens I’ll begin to take more. In addition to this, I will be picking up some teas. I keep hearing about Red Raspberry Leaf and I’ve been wanting to try Yogi’s Skin Detox. I have put together a grocery list that’s going to help me get back on my smoothie and tea game for the Venus in Scorpio transit starting on the 10th. I’m naturally slim so I indulge as I please. That being said I feel as if I am due for a much needed detox. I wonder if I can go for seven days?

After conducting some research, here are some detox herbs I’m interested in trying:

royal jelly


Red Rasbperry Leaf

Red Clover

DIM Supplements


I’ve gone to the doctor and had an ultrasound and was told “everything was fine”. My periods are regular but my body tells me something is up so I’m going to attempt to regulate my hormones myself. They aren’t completely messed up, but I must tip the scales a bit.

According to my research, a healthy diet and a ton of water is of course, “Major Key”, for this whole thing to work. Cutting processed sugars and dairy is what should help me the most so I’m going to go even harder at cutting my sugar. That being said it’s going to be hard to cut alcohol, but I’m going to have to go for it if I want to see change.

On my grocery list is:

a bottle of sugar free cranberry juice

ginger root


almond milk

lemons and limes



kale and spinach



Red Rasbperry Leaf or Yogi Skin Balancing Tea

I’m blessed to already have a stash of supplements that I can just pop into my smoothies. Of course I just have to stay consistent.

I’ll be out of town tomorrow (Venus in Libra is a mess chile) but when I come back, I’m going to the grocery store to fulfill that grocery list and end this transit with a bang and start the next one off right. Talk to y’all again soon, reach me on the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast in the meantime…

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