Elevate Your Glamour Magick During Venus in Scorpio

Push Harder On Your Spiritual Ascension and Magician Energy as Venus in Scorpio Approaches

September 6, 2021


Welcome back to the Glamour Magick Beauty Blog! How has the Venus in Libra transit been treating you? As Venus spends her last days in Libra, I’ve become very health focused and a big part of that is getting my hormones and sugar levels in check. I used the Venusian energy of Libra to look at the relationship I have with myself and others and well…it’s been a journey. I did my fair share of shadow work, magic and spells, working out, and grinding over the transit.

On the flip side, I completely fell off the wagon with smoking (not cigarettes) but family came to town and treating one family member to green was my push right off the path of discipline and restrain. What can I say? I love plants! Where I fell of with smoking I picked up with choosing the higher decisions and the higher thoughts like I always tell y’all to do on the Glamour Magick Beauty Podcast. I asked for Strength and God and my Ancestors delivered as usual. For me personally Venus in Libra was boundaries being set, decisions being made, contracts being signed, and heavy negotiation energy. I made money, worked on art projects, saw family and enjoyed myself. However, as the move into Scorpio waits upon me, I feel the need to dig deeper so I can vibrate higher.

As my mind elevates, my body is sending me signals that I have to upgrade that part of my routine too. Spiritual ascension is a mind, body, and spirit job. I am starting my detox today. I intend to go at this for maybe 5 days. I will be cleaning up my eating all through the transit but over this next few days I’m going extra hard with lemon detox water, salads, fish, less dairy and alcohol and supplements. Throughout Venus in Libra I did well with taking my liquid Biotin. It could be adding to my skin breaking out a little more than usual but thank God it didn’t do anything to close to extensive damage.

As I work to balance my sugar levels and hormones, I went grocery shopping yesterday to get detox foods. Please be on the lookout for the official Venus in Scorpio Detox Challenge that will be posted on this blog soon. My Vitex arrived yesterday so I finished the night by having my last bit of candy, meat and alcohol then had a cup of Celestial Seasonings’ Tension Tamer tea. I added the Vitex to the tea just to let it get a head start while I was sleeping. I feel pills can work better this way (through ingestion in liquid and at night).

Get into the groceries I bought:

My Detox Water for the day. I tried the Master Cleanse formula of half a lemon, honey and cayenne. I heard cinnamon is awesome for women’s health so I added a pinch of that. I’ll be using this recipe throughout the Venus in Scorpio transit.

Official Venus in Scorpio challenge on the way as well as a reflection over Venus in Libra. Expect some recipes as well about how I’ve thrown together these ingredients and supplements in an attempt to get magical results! In the meantime, check out the Sun day podcast where I prep y’all for the New Moon in Virgo and review Champagne Papi’s album.

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