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A Low Dairy Protein Packed Italian Inspired Salad Recipe


Make Venus proud with this simple and filling salad recipe!

September 7th, 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty y’all. As some of you know I’m doing a detox as Venus makes her way out of Libra into Scorpio. Yesterday was also New Moon in Virgo and with Virgo being the ruler of the 6th house (the house of health and service), my focus on health around this time comes as no coincidence. Speaking of the New Moon, how’d y’all celebrate?

First and foremost when doing magic, you must remember it is what you make it. Therefore, I take a holistic approach to my magic. If you do everything with intention then you make every action you do magical. Action + Intention = Magic. That being said, in the spirit of the New Moon I kicked off my day with a morning walk and a smoothie and for lunch I kept it clean with a salad. Salads are great in my opinion because they can be as versatile as you choose, are quick to throw together and usually have easy clean up.

The salad turned out great, so I wanted to give you the recipe. I can’t give you full on measurements because I cook to taste and I encourage you to do the same. Remember intention is everything!


I cut about a third of a cucumber (cucumbers are pack with water, be generous)

2-3 handfuls of Organic Spring Mix (keep in mind I have small hands)

maybe a third of a tomato

maybe a quarter of a red onion

Feel free to put your own spin on it with the toppings:

Couple Kalamata Olives (maybe 10-12)

3-4 pinches/forkfulls of Sauerkraut (it’s your probiotic. gut health = mental health, be generous)

A little over a can of tuna (it’s your protein option, be generous)

2 Peperononcini’s (only ate 1, not into all that spice anymore)

Dressing: it’s up to you but it shouldn’t be creamy! oil and vinegar based dressing only

Sprinkled a little Parmesan on top (it’s optional). Gives the Olive Garden taste, feel and effect. Cheese isn’t the devil but too much can be!

*When I make this again I’ll have artichokes!

Bon Appetit! It’s giving Olive Garden but better honestly. Try and it and let me know in the comments how y’all like it!

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