Grocery Round Up: Shopping with Fertility in Mind

September 14th, 2021


Welcome back to the Glamour Magick Beauty Blog! Yesterday I went to the grocery store to restock on fruits and veggies for my detox smoothies. I took note of the fruit that was seedless and I made sure to not rebuy some of those options as I now eat with fertility in mind.

I got some of the same stuff, and some different. My list was lean pretty, see below…

Grocery List:




Frozen strawberries



Peaches and grapes snuck their way in the basket

Gala apples were on sale at HEB, like under $1.30/lb sale. So they’ll be on the menu this time. Peaches weren’t too badly priced either so I picked up some. I don’t notice seeds falling out of apples like I used to either, I’m going to start monitoring gym apples more closely. The Peaches so far still have their seeds, although I noticed it was pretty small.

First thing I did when I got home was wash, break down and freeze my kale. I froze a sliced up apple and a banana as well. Doing this sooner than later puts you in position to have a well blended smoothie for your next meal!

Lots of tuna, it’s So light and packed with protein. Make tuna with it. Add it to your salads. Much cleaner than chicken. Tuna is expensive now(in my opinion) as it sits at ~$3.50/oz. I just know how much these things are really worth, I studied Econ in school. And honestly it doesn’t take a scientist to see inflation is high right now.

Staying on track with my cleanse has been hard but I’ll drink however many detox smoothies I need to in order to clear my skin.

How is Venus in Scorpio treating y’all so far? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter. Look out for some more smoothie recipes soon, until then tune into the latest episode of the Glamour Magick Beauty Podcast.

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