Glamour Magick Beauty’s Detox Smoothie Recipe

September 15, 2021


Welcome to Glamour Magick Beauty! Today I’m back to give y’all another detox smoothie recipe to help keep y’all on track during this Venus in Scorpio transit.

Sipper beware. This recipe tastes kinda bitter but hey, it’s a detox smoothie not a milkshake. Stick with me for the ingredient lineup.

Gala apples, ginger root, celery, kale, banana, cucumber, avocado, peaches, cranberry juice, tension tamer tea, and honey. On top are my bareBeauty beauty supplements, vitex, and Ashwagandha.

Cucumbers and celery are present to boost hydration.

Side video of blender

All blended up. Sip time!

This recipe does taste herby but the turmeric in the bareBeauty is powerful. However, it’s worth it! I’ve noticed good results drinking these such as clearer skin, less trouble with constipation and curbing my sweet tooth. Talk to me in the comments and let me know what y’all think. More posts are coming but until then tune into the Mars Day episode on the Glamour Magick Beauty Podcast.

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