Glamour Magick Beauty: Prayer Candles and How to Use Them

September 17, 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty! The Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th which is right around the corner. I personally follow the belief that the Full Moon holds the highest energy so I believe doing magic doing during this time is helpful in spell work. Spell work being intention work, keep in mind magic is as light or as dark as you want it to be. I always encourage the people I teach to choose higher thoughts.

The Basic white Intention Candle. Great for Starters and to always have on hand. Use this when you’re just starting out or as an Ancestor Candle. It gets the job done for standard “white” magic. Be mindful of how it burns. A high, bright, active flame is usually a good sign. A low burning, non steady, or blue flame is just the opposite. Oh yeah, all the candles I’m showing you today are made by me. I poured and infused my own soy wax into some 7 day canisters because the more intention the better.

For my ladies who love mermaids as much as me, behold the Glamour Magick Beauty, “La Sirene” Candle. Again all my pure intention here as the art is mine! Water spirits are a double edged sword but so is everything else in life. Mermaids are sweet, sirens are wretched. I’ve made my choice. La Sirene (Sirene is french for mermaid), is a Haitian Water Diety who’s awesome for wealth, fortune, and fertility.

This is my prayer candle for La Virgen de Guadalupe. She’s commonly found in LatinX culture and due to her being the Mother of Jesus, she’s pretty special. Guadalupe represents nothing but positive energy so I recommend this candle for any woman wanting to bring a high vibing feminine presence into her domain.

Basic Spell Work:

-A salt circle around your intention candle before you perform your ritual

-“Dressing” your candles with herbs (literally just putting herbs on top of them, making sure not to bother the wick), that reinforce the intention for what you want:

Fertility: Maca

Pink: Self love, healing

Money: Nutmeg, Green herbs like basil, bay leaves, alfalfa, oregano. Cinnamon for speed

Peace: Lavender

Protection: Aloe

Write a petition on paper with either black pen ink or a color that again, reinforces intention and place it underneath your burning candle. Doing this when your energy is high, even if you’re upset, you’re an alchemist and all energy can be transmitted into gold. Again, high energy could also be a particular planetary transit (Waning/Waxing Moon, Venus Day, Venus in Taurus, Taurus New Moon etc. On the back of your petition put sigils and thank you’s several times. You wan’t to thank the Universe as if it’s already done. Your energy is important, the energy you have in your mind and in your spirit when you walk away is important. That being said, do not worry. Ever. Worry kills magic.

Let me know in the comments what y’all have planned for the Full Moon in Pisces. I’ll be back on the Glamour Magick Beauty Podcast tonight…

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