This Week in Astro: Sun in Virgo, Moon in Pisces

Astrology & Spirituality Hot Topics from September 13th-September 19th

September 19, 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty everyone! We’re in the thick of Virgo season, how is life treating you? Tomorrow is a Full Moon in Pisces so it’s a great time to turn things around and ascend higher. For those looking for some extra direction, here’s a rundown of this past week’s hottest topics.

Sun Day: Sunday’s Glamour Magick Beauty podcast episode gives some magic tips for the Full Moon in Pisces. I talk about how the latest transits, particularly Mars and Mercury in Libra are having an affect on us and our relationships.

Learn the basics of candle magic on the GMB Blog

Moon Day: The Moon is in Sagittarius. Are you focused on higher learning. I’m here to help you with some Hermetic law and tea about the Canaanites

Sun Vs Saturn Worship, Creation Theory, Award Shows and Met Gala breakdown

Shopping with fertility in mind on the GMB Blog

Mars Day: Tuesday’s episode covers some of what‘s going on in the sky, Book of Enoch read through, sirens vs aliens vs mermaids, American horror story theories

Mercury Day: No GMB episode for Wednesday but check out these past episodes

Detox smoothie recipe on the GMB Blog

A mind is a terrible thing to waste, hexing

You want to win or not, choices, addictions

Jupiter Day: American horror story Season 10 Episode 5 Red Tide review, Book of Enoch read through

Venus Day: No new episodes for Venus day this week but tap into these awesome past episodes:

Friday the 13th, Glamour Book, Tips & More

Glamour Magick Book read through

Supplements and elevating your glamour magic

Saturn Day: On the GMB Podcast I prep listeners for the Full Moon in Pisces and give a Handmaid’s Tale review of season 1. On the GMB Blog I finally finished Aaliyah’s self titled album review.

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