Full Moon in Pisces: A Cautionary Tale About Energy Vampires

I Can See Clearer Now That the Moon Is In Pisces

September 18, 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. The full moon in Pisces is upon us and for me personally, it came through like a wrecking ball. Fresh out of the woods of an energetically draining friendship, this is a cautionary tale about energy vampires and toxic people. This is a story about self love, friendship and healing but remember, the vampires don’t live under your bed they live inside your head.

Summer 2020 I left the suburbs and moved into the city seeking business opportunities and networking connections. I’m an artist so I felt like being in the city would be helpful to my career. Upon my move I ended up meeting another artist who had also recently relocated. We’ll call them “L”. L and I were the same age, had lot in common and it seemed like we had similar aspirations.

Everything seemed fine in the beginning. We went out on the town, chatted and became close. I developed in my spiritual journey by teaching them spirituality. I also helped them spruce up some of their drawing skills. I thoroughly enjoy learning and studying and was eager to connect and build. This was after all the reason I had moved into the city. Again, I thought everything was fine with L and I’s “friendship” …or so I thought.

Strike 1: Energy vampires always pop up during your vulnerable moments. Moving to a new location is a time of great vulnerability so stay prayed up and protected during these times. If someone is an open book and starts pouring out traumatic experiences immediately, beware. This is a classic energy vampire move to garner sympathy. The thirsty can smell water from miles away. Usually energy vampires are and stay parched because someone just finished filling up on them or they are narcissistic bottomless pits of destruction. Protect your energy.

Strike 2: Birds of a feather flock together, or should I say, energy vampires drink together? Draining people typically have a host of other toxic and draining people around them. Misery loves company remember? They also entertain, welcome and embrace low vibrational energy. They love nothing more than others who disrespect them in various ways and hurt them repeatedly. There’s also no limit to the excuses they’ll make to either defend or blame the other problematic people in their life. In my case though, I was one of the only two non-toxic people L knew. Everyone else she kept company with was just as much of a bottomless pit as she was. You can tell a lot about a person by their friend group.

Strike 3: The other side of your Energy Vampire having a toxic tribe is when said toxic tribe inevitably snakes them for the thousandth time, they will come to you– their “wise” friend–to vent. I was one of the first points of contact for advice or to dump information on when things went wrong in L’s revolving door of drama that she calls a life. She lived for my reactions to retellings of dramatic events that could make the spiciest Telenovela squirm. How could I judge her for that? No one is perfect and I love my fair share of drama but I’m far from a speed dial therapist. I said, “friend” not “patient”.

Strike 4: Happy occasions turn into social nightmares. A birthday party with L and members of her tribe turned into a psychotic fiasco once liquor and emotions between two family members started running hot. This reality tv style fight was a complete kill joy and ruined what was supposed to be a good time. Energy vampires don’t know peace, chaos is their kryptonite.

Strike 5: They start to look like you. It’s completely natural for friends to introduce and accept new concepts between one another but be able to have discernment of copy cats. My love of cherubs led L to buying a cherub chain and several cherub statues. A painting of mine that features a lean cup ended up inspiring her business logo. Small stuff in the grand scheme of things, but more ways I noticed L slowly harvesting my energy.

Strike 6: The biggest issue with energy vampires is to the empath, you’re the only person bringing value to the relationship. You’re giving and giving but not getting compensated in anyway. Nothing is being added to you, no growth or progress is being made. You’re left feeling used and taken for granted while all the others who feed off your energy vamp friend are positively rewarded for nothing. Your energy vamp friend probably has no problem asking for the moon and stars but don’t you dare ask them for well…anything. They’ll lead you on with empty promises but when it’s time to complete transactions, you’ll usually find this energy full of nothing but excuses or no explanation at all. The real explanation is that they don’t love or care about you. They haven’t learned to love people and use things, and not the other way around.

The Blow Back: When you’ve finally had it, be prepared to be painted crazy, fake or evil. Slaves in America were deemed to be mentally ill when they wanted to escape slavery. Energy vampires hate when their victims finally say no. They’ll spend the remaining energy they have from draining you to talk to others about how wrong you’ve done them, thus starting the cycle of finding their next victim all over again. Ignore them and keep it pushing.

Better Days Ahead: Even the best of us get involved with energy vamps at some point. You know you made the right choice to cut them off when if you feel spiritually lighter as a big weight has been lifted. Don’t fret if you feel some guilt. Part of you being affected by an energy vampire is your own low vibration. It takes two to tango thus, your guilt for cutting this nasty energy off is because you still have to master self love.

Seeing angel numbers such as your birthday, 111, 1111, 222, 333 and so forth also let you know you’ve done the right thing. On to greener pastures.

That’s all I have for now y’all. If you have an energy vampire experience please let me know in the comments. In the meantime, check out my latest Glamour Magick Beauty Podcast episode covering Moon in Pisces, the movie Get Out and it’s relation to the coagula, alchemy and more.

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  1. I’m dealing with an energy vampire and I have troubles saying no to her and protecting my energy. I feel like it’s impossible because I care too much and am open to giving.

    1. Self love is the key! You can’t love someone so much you hurt yourself. Stay Blessed and thank you for commenting dear <3

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