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Creatives Need Rest: My Hiatus from Writing


What a Difference a Year of Rest Can Make

September 21, 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. Today I want to talk to my fellow highly ambitious creatives about the power of rest. Being a creative lots of thankless tedious work and sometimes we just need to take a break to come back stronger. Keep scrolling to read about how I took a year off from writing and what I learned from doing so.

Before I get deep. Who am I? I’m Trichelle, an exceptionally talented writer, artist and content creator. I’m an avid reader, scientist and forever student. I’ve always been a gifted writer but a formal education helped me mold my talents. However, it failed to help me monetize my craft. This sent me on a journey of having to figure it out on my own through trial and error, faith, and research.

When I started writing in college I wanted to work at a magazine but by the time I left I had the dream of songwriting. Once I decided the music industry wasn’t for me, I was back to pursuing editorial and publication work. I took any opportunity I could get and ran with it but this left me feeling tired and drained. Mind you during this time I was working a day job in retail to keep the lights on. Once ‘rona hit I felt I needed to take a break from writing because in my mind it just wasn’t working career wise. I was putting in so much but getting out so little. My main concern was getting out of retail and making money off my talents. One day I started to think about what else I was good at.

Then it hit me, “I can draw. Why am I not doing that?” I knew there was a lot of money in the art industry so I committed to painting. Hardcore. Paperwork for a legit business. I bought art materials. Rebranded my Instagram. I got nice business cards and started introducing myself as an artist. I studied my field. During quarantine I drafted up a business plan and studied branding and marketing. Purchase “Are You Ready For Love?” here

Lesson 1: Making art forced me to think like a business person. It forced me to question value vs price. I now understand when Kanye says, “time is the only luxury”. I now think about the value of me, my time and my creativity in a completely different way. Art changed my entire mindset and has taught me to not be impatient nor desperate and that great things take time. Purchase “I Feel So Lucky” here

Lesson 2: In Order to Go Fast You Have to Go Slow. Despite all the art you see here is acrylic on canvas and acrylic is known for drying fast, painting is still a time consuming process. Painting is hard on the mind and the body and the greater the work the more time it takes. It’s common to change your mind halfway through a project thus dragging things out even longer. But rushing only slows you down. I’ve taken week long breaks in the middle of a painting in order to rethink the direction I wanted the art to go in. Be diligent and take your time because mistakes cost twice the time to correct. Purchase “Where’s the Love?” here

Lesson 3: Psychic Downloads. For me painting is a form of meditation which is part of why I pursued it in the first place. My 23rd year alive was a lot to take in and I really needed do some inner reflecting. I needed to sit still and painting makes me do that. I have been able to achieve so much spiritual healing and receive so many messages from my ancestors. I highly recommend making art for those who suffer from anxiety. Purchase ‘Quantum Lean’ here

Lesson 4: Self love. In addition to value and time, the last year and has taught me so many crucial lessons about the relationship I have with myself and other people. Art is something that I take serious as a business but my skills are completely natural. I know I’m a great artist but I don’t feel I’m the greatest. That being said I’m confident not arrogant. Moreover, a year ago I guess I didn’t know just how great I am because I surely attracted a jealous and creatively intimidated energy vampire. After I finally axed this friendship, I realized that if I’m a gem I can’t spend my time with such energy. Onto better days! Purchase “Should We Stay Together?” here

Lesson 5: I can do it, but all great things take time. I managed to sell merch, originals, and prints in my first year doing art which showed me that I can do this. I am talented, I am smart and I am good at this. However, it also taught me how much everything is about who you know, not how talented you are. So who you deem to be friends, associates, and mentors matters. A lot. Where you spend your free time, how much of it and with who matters. A lot. It’s these choices that help make the fabric of who we are. I didn’t make enough in my first year to sustain myself full-time but forging a new career in any field takes time. None of the top industry’s top artists blew up immediately. My day is coming. Purchase “Bag Talk” here

This year I come back to writing professionally and taking some time off allowed me to come back so much more refreshed and prepared. I’m not just a writer, I’m good with communication overall so this time around, I approached the industry and the job market in a completely different way. I channeled my voice for podcasting instead of songwriting. With that being said being multitalented is a gift but to whom much is given much is tested. I’m so thankful for my growth as a creator and I look forward to continuing to develop my skills and career.

I still make art but God has granted my prayers of freeing me from retail and making writing the 9-5 that comfortably pays the bills. God has blessed me so much and I’m proud of myself as well. I’ve watched so many of my manifestations happen before my very eyes and I’m only focused on continuing to thrive. As a former type A personality, I say to you there’s no rush. We have the rest of our lives, so eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die.

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