September 19, 2021

La Sirene

Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty! Let’s talk conspiracy theories, Hollywood rituals and all things esoteric today. Upon listening to Aaliyah’s, ‘Self Titled, I got several psychic downloads about how films are used as forms of magical rituals for offerings and sacrifice. Keep reading for my breakdown of the movies Jennifer’s Body and Queen of the Damned.

First and foremost both films share themes of music, career success, vampirism and have powerful man eating lady leads. Let’s start with early 2000s vamp flick, Queen of the Damned. I remember me and my mom being so excited to see this movie because of Aaliyah. I was under the age of ten when it first hit theaters and fell asleep waiting for Aaliyah’s part to show up and when she did, I remember hating to see her violent death. Long story short my mom and I didn’t really like the movie. I do recall enjoying the sound track though.

A few years later in my teen years I watched ‘Queen of the Damned’ again. This time around the story line was much more propelling and I appreciated the soundtrack even more. Fast forward to about a week ago as I was listening to Aaliyah’s ‘Self Titled’, and I had a few thoughts. Based on what I know about adrenochrome, Saturn worship and the etymology of the word, “success”. One of my questions was, “Was ‘Queen of the Damned’ a ritual for eternal fame in the afterlife?” Aaliyah’s energy has been harvested by the entertainment energy for about 3 decades. To add more insult to injury, taglines in the films promo ads go as, “”Mother of All Vampires” and “All she wants is hell on earth”. In my opinion a vampire movie being released right before Aaliyah’s death is suspicious.

On the topic of the movies, I recently got some downloads about the 09′ flick, ‘Jennifer’s Body’. The films hot girl in charge, Jennifer Check gets sacrificed by a band looking for success. The spell goes wrong and Jennifer becomes possessed by a demon. The demon turns Jennifer into a succubus in every way. She energy harvest her lighthearted friend, Anita, aka “Needy” in addition to eating men and animals. Megan Fox looked great in this movie and looking back it was pure glamour magic. Hollywood used a pretty lady to get people to willingly watch such lady perform a ritual of her/their own. The tagline in this films cover art is, “Hell Yes”, which just confirms the agreement to the ritual for both parties. Megan Fox’s popularity in the film industry declined after this movie but now she’s back in the media. If you’re aware of recent theories about the brunette starlet, maybe she became the succubus she portrayed?

Have y’all seen both of these movies? If you have any conspiracy theories about any of these movies please reach out on twitter or drop down in the comments. Be back with more soon, check out the latest Glamour Magick Beauty podcast in the meantime. Love yall…

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