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September 27, 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. As the Libra stellium lights up the sky, have you considered sprucing up your beauty ritual? For me masking brings me the most results so I do it nearly nightly. Keep scrolling to see my favorite skin masks of the moment.

Aztec or Bentonite clay is in my stash as a holy grail product. Bentonite clay’s magnetic properties allow it to deeply detoxify and the fine texture of the clay itself gently exfoliates the skin. I also have some kaolin clay mixed in for brightening purposes. See my recipe here. As a person with oily and scar prone skin, clay masks have worked wonders for me.

Another clay based mask that has worked the magic of Moses for me is Olay’s Fresh Reset pink mineral complex. It’s main ingredient is Rhassoul clay and let me tell you it’s nothing to play with! This mask is creamy and gentle on the skin, there’s no pulling and suction action like the DIY Aztec mask. However, the rhassoul clay dries impurities up in no time! This and lactic acid together are a dynamic duo. I used a bit of my astringent one night before bed and then I put this mask on my break out. The next day the breakout was dried up and peeled off! Does that tell ya that this pink clay is powerful?

Origins’ Hello Calm mask is a cannabis seed oil mask to calm and Hydrate the skin. The mask is creamy and silky. The smell does calm you down so it’s great to use before a spiritual bath or doing anything relaxing for that matter. Because I’m on the oilier side maybe it could be a self care Sunday staple but if you’re dry it’s perfect to use throughout the week.

Another Origins product (can y’all believe I used to work there?) I enjoy is the Out of Trouble mask. It’s awesome for drying up breakouts and I wouldn’t say it brightens but it does prevent scars from getting dark(er). This mask is white and reminds me of a whipped paste. Ingredients such as salicylic acid, sulfur and zinc are the trifecta at work here. I use this as a spot treatment only but it can be used all over if you desire.

Among the photos are the kaolin clay and lactic acid that I mentioned previously. Of course you can find both on Amazon. I also have pictures of Hello Calm’s and Out of Trouble’s Ingredients Lists.

Anywho that’s all I have for now y’all. Share some of your fave masks and if you’ve tried any of these products in the comments! Be back soon, tune into the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast in the meantime…

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