October 1, 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. HBO hit show, Insecure is due to return for its fifth and final season October 24th. However, the trailer for the new season just dropped about two days ago and I can’t say I’m impressed with what I saw. Stick around for my Insecure Season 5 Trailer Breakdown to see my predictions and for a critical analysis of the show thus far.


Season 5 looks to be packed with plenty of drinking and partying amongst “friends” but of course there’s no fun without drama.

My fave, Issa looks to still be pushing through her transition period and juggling all that comes with the level up. She’s driving Lyft, contributing to panels at her Alma Mater and appears to still be going hard to make her Block Parties happen. I stan and I love this autonomy for her.

Her relationships don’t look to be the hottest though. There may be a new love interest, Nathan is still in the picture (rolls eyes, I dragged him in the podcast) and her friendship with Molly is like the tide of the sea, up and down.

My least fave, Molly seems like she finally got a clue. The pressure from her parents to get hitched is getting stronger but she seems to be taking it easy for once.

Sis also has a new haircut and has joined #teamnatural so hopefully this signifies the death of the old toxic Molly and the rebirth of a mature, less selfish and rational Molly.

From the looks of the trailer Kelly and Tiffany might be beefing this season. Kelly may have started a podcast and Tiffany is getting adjusted to mom life. They aren’t main characters so the trailer didn’t give a whole lot about their storylines.


Before I begin let me say I’ve been watching Issa since her hit Youtube show, Awkward Black Girl and I’m so happy for all the success she’s had as she truly deserves it. Insecure is a great show that’s realistic, relatable and culturally aware so I hate to see the show end after just five seasons. With each season finale the show just seems more and more unfinished. Storylines are never fully hashed out due to a lack of episodes and a 30 minute run-time doesn’t help. It’s unfortunate that viewers’ consistent cries for more episodes have fell on deaf ears over at HBO.

Now, onto the characters I wish I could never see again and the one’s I miss dearly…

Lord knows I want to Issa to get a new friend group. Molly, Kelly and Tiffany are fake as complete fuck in my opinion and should be associates at best. Molly being the number one Op should have definitely been cancelled after her antics in season four.

Kelly is the best out of the three but the Writers never give her character enough screen time in general, and when we do see her she’s rarely developing a real positive bond with Issa. Sad…tragic…

Nathan is definitely somebody I was hoping not to see again. He is too unstable for my taste and Issa can do better. Nathan is no level up from Daniel or Lawrence. He is dead weight and having him around only contributes to the stagnancy that I speak of. Judge/drag me in the comments if you must…

I honestly am sick of seeing Lawrence the most as he is an ex for a reason. In my opinion, he and Issa have no business trying to move forward with a relationship now that he’s a father. I wish the Writers would let Issa fully move on from this stale situation. Lawrence needs to exit stage left and his beige bestie Chad can go with him!

Daniel’s last name is King for a reason but I like to flip it and call him King Daniel. I loved him for Issa as they had a pretty good history, great chemistry and similar interests. To make the deal even sweeter Daniel always shows up and supports Issa.

If Issa wasn’t slightly toxic herself I felt they could really grow together. Daniel is the only masculine and attractive Black man on the show so the Writers cutting him out yet keeping Lawrence and Nathan around is truly pathetic. Justice for King Daniel.

That’s all I have for now y’all. Are y’all excited about the new season? I’m happy to see Issa but I’m not thrilled to watch a bunch of other characters I don’t even like chase their tail for four hours. Kelly is the only character I can stand besides Issa is but again, the Writers haven’t done the work to develop her properly.

Regardless of my feelings, with the state of the World for almost the last two years many shows have halted production for safety reasons so it’s good to see Black actors working. I wan’t Issa’s career to continue to thrive outside of Insecure because she is truly talented and has so much to offer. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for her as I want her to reach her full creative potential.

To hear me drag Molly and other characters like her, please check out my latest podcast episode where I criticize Black women’s representation in film and television as a whole. Molly’s character is a trope that I am tired of seeing over and over again and it would be great if Writers could get some fresh ideas. I’m a Writer myself so yes I judge hard but I’m sure you can tell by now I was born with negative fucks to give. Reach out to me on Twitter @glamagickbeauty or drop down in the comments and sound off! I don’t mind people disagreeing with me I actually encourage it so we can have a real conversation about the state of Black entertainment.

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