Glamour Magick Beauty’s Recent Skincare Finds

October 7 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. How is Libra season treating y’all? I believe I’ve mentioned how this is an amazing time to do glamour magick as the Venusian energy is strong right now. To make matters sweeter, Venus moves into Sagittarius today so it’s literally in the stars for you try new beauty products. Take this Blog as a sign from the me and Universe of new things to try. That said, Skincare Lovers and Glamour Witches gather ‘round for some body and skincare I found while on a brief shopping run the other day.

I stopped by Marshall’s first to get my tried and true, African Black soap. This helps me so much with acne, eczema and brightening. I don’t have a brand preference as long as it’s natural. This is drying so please moisturize properly after using it. It rings in at $6 which I still believe is pricy for a bar of soap but I’ve paid $30 before…

I hopped over to Ulta after as I needed a good body scrub. I happened to run into this Pacifica on sale for buy 1 get 1 40% off. I’ve never tried this Brand’s body care before but I’m open minded. It’s a gel-y liquid-y consistency and smells like fresh cucumber. It has Salicylic acid so I plan to use this before bed and with exfoliating shower gloves.

I needed another product to catch the sale and I saw this body peel. I have no clue how to use this but I’m thinking of using it after the scrub and on dry skin for the maximum brightening effect. I’d probably leave this on no longer than fifteen minutes as. I’m not sure what type of acids it may contain. Again, it’s a Peel so I’m going to try it before bed.

The scrub and the peel are both gel-y like in consistency but the peel is thicker. Both products also smell sweet and feminine so that’s a plus if you’re a fragrance person. I’m more excited to see how well the Vitamin C works as it’s an awesome skincare ingredient for brightening.

Below are photos of the ingredients for all the products mentioned.

I’ll be trying and reviewing the scrubs shortly. Of course if you’ve tried any of them please fill me in on your experience in the comments. I’m coming back with more info about Venus in Sagittarius just hold tight. To get a head start, tap into the latest Glamour Magick Beauty Podcast where I give some tips on love magic and more…

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