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Venus in Sagittarius is Here to Spice Up Your Love Life


October 9 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. Venus moved into the friendly fire sign of Sagittarius October 7th. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which is the planet of expansion, fortune, luck, optimism, wisdom and higher learning. Magicians rejoice! Venus being in unpredictable Sagittarius is the perfect transit to spice up your love life. Keep reading for some magick…

Beware of Mercury Retrograde:

Mercury along with several other planets are currently in retrograde until the end of Libra season. I wanted to bring this up before I start talking about Venus in Sagittarius because this is a powerful transit that we need to be aware of. Be mindful of that toxic old thing coming back around. Stay focused on moving forward.


I spoke about intentions in the Libra Season Magick article but seriously, it’s critical. To get what you want you must first be very clear about the outcome you want to achieve. This is going to help you visualize and therefore see It in your mind. The more you can see It the closer you are to experiencing It.

For me personally writing helps. Whip out that pen and note pad and get as detailed and specific as possible about what you are looking for out of your love life or life in general. Thank the Universe and write as if you are already living your manifestation.


Planetary and Moon Magick aren’t necessary for great results but they add extra layers of intention. Working while you are in a particular vibration is just as effective. Doing your magick while angry, frustrated or fed up is great because you are filled with energy. I can attest to the experience that this energy gets results quickly. You can use any vibration from extreme gratitude, happiness and faith to serious sadness to get good results with spells. What matters is the intensity of the vibration/emotion you are in.

Writing or reciting these intentions during Venus or Jupiter planetary hour on a Jupiter or Venus day can help with your magick. The first quarter moon and full moon are also coming up so these are great times to work with candles and maybe do ceremonial magick. I have plenty of podcast episodes about this.

Putting said intentions in a Honey Jar with a pink or red candle on top surrounded by Tarot cards or other pictures/means of communication that represent the romantic energy you’re looking to draw in is top tier Magick. I alwasy recommend adding water to honey jars and working them for a few days. Do not rush the spell. Bury it somewhere and forget about it when you’re done.

Glamour Magick:

Venus in Sagittarius is here to ask you to be adventurous and extroverted. You’re not going to meet the One at home and the Internet is it’s own cesspool of foolery. I highly encourage you to not make excuses and go out in the World and meet someone the old fashioned way.

Esoteric Experiments:

I read Deborah Castellano’s Glamour Magic book on my podcast. Throughout the book she gives several esoteric experiments that teach and challenge readers to put as much work into their glamour magick as possible. Many of these experiments are time involved and require One to leave the house. Tap into the podcast and check it out.

Also, when you go out remember to put your best foot forward every time. Smile and don’t let past experiences cloud the present. The past doesn’t exist and you create the future with the decisions you make and the action you take in the now. Remember, stay focused, optimistic and choosy.

Venus in Sagittarius can put you in an entirely different position financially and romantically if you do your Work. Even if you don’t end the transit boo’d up, if you Work you have no choice but to develop an even better relationship with yourself thus putting you in a better position for when you meet that special One.

Let me know what y’all think of these tips and what your plans are for this Venus transit. There’s plenty of more Magick tips on the podcast.

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