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Glamour Magick Beauty’s Intro to Planetary Magick


October 11 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. It’s Libra season and Saturn went direct the other day so you may have felt some tensions have eased up. Additionally, the Moon in Capricorn today compels me to teach you something new for your Work, so here I am. For my magicians looking to advance in their magick, keep reading. Today I’ll be discussing planetary magick and how to use it.

Ok so what is planetary magick? It’s pretty much what it sounds like. It’s using planets and their energy along with days and hours of the week to manifest particular outcomes. Let’s get into it…

Moon Day: The Moon rules the subconscious mind and the tides/water it’s perhaps one of the most important celestial bodies to work with. For Moon Day or Monday, always check to see what astrological sign the moon is in for guidance on how to direct your day. Use water in your spells and mirror magick such as scrying to harness the energy within yourself.

Mars Day: Martian energy is direct and action oriented which makes Tuesday an ideal day to increase or boost the energy of something. As far as herbs Cinnamon in spells drives speed. Using candle magick on this day will help you to draw upon the the energy of fire in your rituals.

Mercury Day: Mercury rules the conscious mind, speed and communication so Wednesday is great day for Magick that involves writing or communication in some form. Scripting and sigils are forms of magick and manifestion that can help to intensify your Work. Hear my episode about sigil magick here.

Jupiter Day: Jupiter is the friendly benevolent planet of expansion, growth, philosophy, religion and higher learning. Want money to help your family or the community? Then go all out with your ceremonial Magick on Thursdays. A mixture of candles, sigils, herbs, intentions and an offering should get the energy going.

Venus Day: Glamour Witches rejoice! Venusian energy represents money, love, art and luxury. Pull out the honey jars, mirrors and pink candles for some self love, love, glamour or money magick for Friday.

Saturn Day: Saturn is a malefic that rules karma, delay and hard work so Saturday says you can sleep in late but you still gotta handle business. That being said the theme of Saturday is balance. Do shadow work for self-discipline and put intentions towards things you want slow down or decrease. I recommend writing as usual and using pendulums to tap into answers and guidance from the Other Side.

Sun Day: The Sun rules Leo so the energy of this day is, “I AM.” Sun day is all about you so rest, manifest, drink, smoke Saturn is a malefic that rules karma and delay.or do anything else that brings you joy and satisfaction. You also can’t go wrong taking a spiritual bath and slathering your hair and face in beauty masks. Setting up a good ole Self Care Sunday ritual will help you to get into the habit of making time for yourself. You’re worth it. Always.

If you practice planetary magick or are interested in practicing please let me know in the comments. For those who have already tried it or are still doing it, what have your results been like? I personally enjoy planetary magick as it helps me to practice daily, offers a mild system of structure and frees me from the matrix. I have more magick tips coming soon, tap into the Podcast in the meantime…

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