Trader Joe’s vs Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Creamers

October 15 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. Fall is in full force and pumpkin spice flavor has made its annual return into our lives. On the DIY Pumpkin Spice Frappe post I told y’all I only drink coffee around this time of year because I enjoy seasonal flavors such as pumpkin spice and egg nog. That recipe included Trader Joes’s Pumpkin flavored oat milk. However, you can imagine my delight when I saw Starbucks offered a pumpkin spice creamer in grocery stores as well. Now that I’ve tried both I’m here with a review of which one I enjoyed the most. Keep scrolling to read my comparison of taste and nutritional facts.

To begin, here’s the new coffee option I’m using to make my frappes. Coffee isn’t super good for you and I grocery shop with fertility in mind so when I came across Starbucks’s Essential Vitamins blend I had to pick it up.

While scrolling through Instagram someone happened to post this Starbucks Pumpkin Spice creamer (the same way I found the Trader Joe’s option). I needed to go to the store anyway so I went searching for it. Starbucks has a dairy and a dairy free option but I am lactose intolerant so I chose the dairy free option.

I must say it is absolutely yummy. It’s sweeter than Trader Joe’s option with way less calories sugar and salt. My frappe came out better than the actual Pumpskin Spice Frappuccino (imo) since I was able to add more coffee to my drink and control the dairy and sugar content.

Now that I’ve tried Starbucks’s creamer I will not be drinking Trader Joe’s option anymore. I completely bypassed the salt content as I was most concerned about sugar (sugar is the enemy of health). That being said this drink is not very sweet or pumpkin-y and I found myself adding a pack of sugar and even a little bit of almond milk (peep that previous recipe) to make my coffee drink taste better. The fact that I had to add things to my coffee to make it taste up-to-par is an issue.

Starbucks’s Creamer already has both almond and oat milk which is great because that’s one less ingredient I need to add in my coffee. Additionally, at a fraction of the calorie, sugar, fat, carb and sodium content, Starbuck’s creamer is clearly the superior option all the way around. The Trader Joe’s Oat Milk is astoundingly unhealthy (imo) and my coffee was several times better with the former choice. I will not be purchasing this again.

Y’all already know I want feedback if you’ve tried either of these and if so which one is your fave. Be back soon y’all, I got new episodes on the Glamour Magick Beauty Podcast if you’re interested in learning some magick in the meantime…

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  1. Still think the TJ’s option is healthy when you look at sugar, sodium and calories. Starbuck’s is based on 1 TB for a serving vs 1 cup for TJ’s.

    1. The Starbucks option is much sweeter so that makes a lot of sense but it tastes better though 😩

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