Rituals & Magic for October’s Upcoming Full Moon in Aries

October 15 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. Magicians gather ‘round! October 20th marks the Full Moon in Aries so it’s time to get to Work. For those who want to start practicing Magick or boost your rituals, stick around for some tips.

Full moon’s come around when the Sun and the Moon are in opposition so expect tensions to be high. Aries and Libra are opposite signs and represents the elements of fire and air. Fire and air are both masculine energy that typically work very well together but when they oppose get ready for some high tensions.

Libra represents relationships, harmony, justice, and balance and is ruled by Venus. Venus is feminine energy that is all about luxury, art, money and love. On the contrary, Aries is fiery energy that focuses on self, passion, war and action. Aries is masculine energy ruled by Mars a.k.a the God of war which focuses on drive and ambition and again, war.

That being said it’s looking like a battle of the masculine and feminine energy between planets and our relationships will definitely be challenged. I already spoke about Mercury retrograde in Libra bringing breakups in a previous post. See the post for advice on how to heal and move onward and upward.

The Full Moon in Aries is a great time to end karmic cycles and sever toxic bonds. The year is ending and there’s no more time to take old energy into a new year. Cut the foolery now so you can grow up and glow up. Below are some ritual ideas for my fellow practicing magicians.

Think: Before you start working on anything you should be very clear about the outcome you are looking for. I recommend starting the process of your ritual before the full moon so you can plan properly. Write down the results you want and be as specific as possible. Spells are recipes for rituals and rituals are the act of following through.

If you’re going to be practicing ceremonial magick then start considering what rituals you’d like to perform. Will the ritual(s) require candles, herbs, crystals, dirt, incense or anything else that you might have to gather and assemble?

Full Moon Release Ritual Write down on paper whatever you wish to release and be as specific as possible. Grab a lighter, an offering (optional for some) and go under the moon light. Personally, since I believe you are asking for a favor (you’re asking the moon to release something for you) you need to show up with an offering. An offering could be fruit, water or wine or anything else of value to you. Tell the moon that you come in the spirit of gratitude and bearing gifts. Proceed with your petition, speak as if the wish is already granted and then burn the petition. Release ritual complete.

Sigil Magick: Sigils are just magickal symbols that one can create and program to complete tasks or represent energy. Sigils can be as complex or as simple as you want them to be. The universe speaks through symbols which target the subconscious mind so they are very powerful tools to get results. You could make a sigil by removing the vowels out of your name, combining alchemical symbols in a unique way, using a combination of numbers and letters or just plain ole making something up. What’s important is the intention. The more you use your sigil(s) the stronger they become. You could write them on mirrors, petitions, candles, the plates that sit underneath the candle (if you’re using this) or anywhere where meaningful. It is also smart to have your sigil anywhere that you constantly look at so its message is reinforced into your subconscious mind.

Ceremonial Magick: Ceremonies are a practice that involves several steps so what makes ceremonial magick so effective because your intentions are layered. The more layers reinforce the intention. Ceremonial magick is going to demand the most energy out of you but will make for the best results. A mixture of chanting intentions, using sigils, candles, herbs, and going to different locations are some things you could do that would make the magick ceremonial. The ritual could run the course of a few hours or even a few weeks. It depends on the results you’re looking for and how hard you’re willing to go.

Other astrological transits that are going to help you with your Full Moon ritual are Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter all finally being direct after months in retrograde. The stars are literally aligned for you right now so if you’re interested in Working (practicing magick) this is your sign to do so.

Let me know if y’all have tried or plan to try any of these methods mentioned. If you decide to partake in any magick let me know your results. If you have questions please drop down in the comments and y’all know I’m @glamagick beauty on Twitter. Love y’all, tap into the latest Glamour Magick Beauty Podcast episode where I give even more magick tips. Be back soon…

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