October 18 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. In the spirit of the Aries Full Moon tomorrow let’s talk about some straight up magick! For my newbies, magick is the equivalent of intention + action or rather, putting both mental and physical action behind a desire to get a desired result. However, alchemy is a bit of a different story. Alchemy is a type of magick but it’s not so straight forward, keep reading so I can explain the difference and help you use both to your spiritual advantage.

So what is Alchemy? Well, Alchemy comes from the word, Chemistry. Like basic white magick, Alchemy is science as well but involves mixing and transforming energies to create byproducts that are entirely different from the original ingredients. That being said, every action has a reaction so Alchemy requires you to be careful, pay attention and slow down.

In all forms of creation exists some chaos. You can’t create anything without chaos being involved on some level. The key is to turn the chaos into something for the greater good of you and those around you. This is where the Alchemy, or the transmutation of energy comes in.

The first step is to get into the mindset. So you’re in a situation you want to change for whatever reason. The fact that you’re unsatisfied with your currently reality is just enough for you to get the magick going!

We’ve established you’re unsatisfied but what will make you happy? You need to be perfectly clear on the outcome you want because this is your life and messing something up could set you back six months to one year. Write down what you want specifically so you can be as sure about what you want as possible and you can remember your manifestation. Remember to get a blank book to use as your grimoire so you can record successes and failures.

The real Work is mental. It’s easier said than done but chaos magick requires seeing everything as an opportunity. Chaos magick or spiritual Alchemy is using the lowest vibrations within your self and any low vibing energy sent your way from outside forces to still empower yourself. Another way to think of this is to be foolishly optimistic, which is indeed a form of Chaos magick.

Use your own blind faith, arrogance, yearn for results, competitive nature, need for attention and recognition and any other low vibrational emotion to push you to work harder towards your goals. Think of the Destiny’s Child song, “Survivor” or Kanye’s, “Stronger”. Use the frustration of no results or slow results to push you forward. Use the opposition from everyone around you to make you grind harder. If you’re going through something financially, use the stress from that to make you more crafty and clever.

You can’t take opposition personally. Step outside of your ego for once. You need opposition to transform you into someone completely different as well. Challenge and struggle are still opportunities! Embrace the chaos like Kartrashians embrace bad press headlines. No matter who or where the “hate”, “shade” or adversarial energy comes from, all energy is valuable. It’s up to you to recognize the value and then transmute the energy from there.

Good examples of chaos magick are when Artist create something amazing art after a heartbreak. However, pain is not necessary for great art or success. A masterpiece can be created when one is in love or in extreme bliss just as it can be created when tragedy has happened. You pick the kind of magician you’re going to be and I don’t recommend simply mastering white or chaos magick. The best magicians know how to properly transmute any energy they encounter to get what they want.

The key is knowing what you want and becoming laser focused on that. From there you have to start seeing everything around you and everything that happens to you as an opportunity to help push you one step closer to your end result. Nothing should be taken personal or to heart at this point, you’ve got to have a one track mind for this to work as negative energy easily distracts us.

The negativity and opposition you face is meant and sent to distract you and get you off track, so when you’re aware of this and take the challenge like a champ you’ve moved over to a winner’s mindset. You’re no longer afraid or doubt yourself because any energy being sent your way is a gift from the Universe.

Remember: If you’re going through hell you must keep going as it’s too late to turn back now.

Drop down in the comments and let me know what y’all think! Tap into my latest episode, Full Moon in Aries prep for more spell and ritual tips that you can implement tomorrow night. Happy practicing…

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    Yessss this is an amazing alchemist deskription! 🥰

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      Thank you sis! You are appreciated <3

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