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Glamour Magick and Spells for Venus in Sagittarius


October 18 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. How is the Venus in Sagittarius transit treating you? I already gave advice for how to spice up your love life during this time but how’s your glamour magick going? Whether you want to attract someone new, are a dedicated Glamour Witch, or just looking for new ways to pamper yourself here’s some magickal beauty tips you can apply to your self care ritual throughout this transit.


Skin is your largest organ so taking good care of it is a non-negotiable. Nothing is going to pave the way for “good skin” like proper hydration so go ahead and grab that water bottle. I highly recommend getting a Brita Bottle that you can constantly fill up and tote with you everywhere. This will guarantee not only drinking water but clean and filtered water. If you’ve got a bad habit of leaving water bottles behind like myself, please leave it in the car! Other than that, sip, sip, sip and sip some more. Do not drown your organs with excessive water intake but remaining consistent throughout the day will eventually build up to you being consistent over the course of a week and you’ll be amazed by the difference. Drink up!

Other ways to invest in your skincare is through products. When was the last time you treated yourself to a new cleanser, toner, moisturizer or scrub? Are the products you’re using giving you the desired results? Products typically take six weeks for you start noticing substantial results so if it’s been a while with the same old, same old, go ahead and switch it up. I’ve got plenty of posts showing off my shopping trip product finds and some of my favorite beauty care of the moment. Venus is Sagittarius is about expanding your horizons so be adventurous and open to new brands and ingredients.

Body Care

This sentiment also applies to body care. Try that new exfoliator, body wash peel, oil, or butter. I know personally using a very mild scrub daily after my body wash has been a game changer. Which of y’all have ever tried shower gloves or dry brushing? I’ve tried both and I highly recommend them to help buff, brighten and tighten skin. Shed those old layers of the former You on a physical and spiritual level for those knockout results!


If you’ve been reading for a while you know I’ve discussed just how sacred hair is so keeping it healthy is just as important. For my people who like to change their hair, this is an awesome transit to dye or cut your mane as Sagittarius loves nothing more than new beginning.

Investing in haircare that supports your hair texture and hair needs is essential no matter what kind of chemicals or tools you’re using. However, there’s no need to spend money on products if you’re dehydrated. Lack of hydration shows up in the hair just like it shows up on the skin so go ahead and have another sip!

For my Black girls looking to grow their hair out, do y’all still like hair grease? It still works for me and applying grease at least once or twice a week can provide the scalp the nutrition it needs for new follicles to develop and thrive. If you’re going to try this then I recommend shampooing the hair at least once a week to freshen the scalp. How’s hair going to grow if your scalp is suffocated with buildup?


For my people who haven’t got laser hair removal and don’t wax, I recommend picking up a pack of brow to eliminate peach fuzz or any other excessive facial hair gently at home. A quick shave will automatically brighten and smooth your skin and those fancy products will be able to penetrate much deeper. Think of it as a tool that helps yield even bigger returns on your prior skincare investment.


As usual the key to anything is belief. Seek out products with intention and use what you find with intention. Again, this will all depend on the outcome you want. Creating your own hair and skin spells and rituals is what’s going to get things going on an internal level.

It’s as easy and free as coming up with your own chant as you’re using your products. Here’s an example of a simple rhyme you can use below if you’re using a cleanser in an effort to brighten your complexion:

Brighten up, not lighten up. My skin’s no longer dim

I use this soap 3 times a week, it cleanses from within

Repition is the Father of Learning so the more you say it, the more the energy will compound to create the results you seek.

Diet Beyond Food

More important than throwing money on products or building spells and rituals is your holistic diet. What are you consuming on a physical, spiritual and psychological level? Boosting your water intake, packing your diet full of dark vegetables, cutting sugar and for my ladies specifically, eating with fertility in mind can make all the difference to our mental, emotional and physical health. Cutting sugar and boosting water intake are the simplest forms of magick to help rebalance your hormones and clear your skin so the two work hand in hand. I’ve also got smoothie recipes on here for my people who wan’t to detox or need ideas for a quick and filling meal.

Other ways to raise your vibration is to spend less time watching, listening or engaging with anything or anyone who is giving you bad vibes. Your feelings let you know if something or someone should stay or go so trust your intuition. Tap into your solar plexus, heart and gut chakra by getting active and getting sunlight. Vitamin D is vital for mood and mental health so make time to be in the Sun at least 30 minutes to an hour a day. Remember that intention is everything and a simple routine/ritual will take you farther than something overly complex. This is your magick, make it easy for yourself to succeed and follow through.

What You Eat

I love nothing more than to know if you are trying any of these tips yourselves and how the results are going. Please don’t forget to write in your grimoires to track results and outcomes of the Work you’re doing. It is wise to keep a journal as you’ll be surprised what you find once you really start recording your spells and rituals. Remember “magick” is another word for science and this your life, so yes your experiments really matter. Drop down in the comments y’all and you already know I’m on Twitter and the Glamour Magick Beauty Podcast. Til next time…

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