What to Expect from the Full Moon in Aries

October 20 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. The Sun in Libra will be making an opposition to the Moon in Aries so tensions will be high in true Full Moon fashion. Magicians gather ‘round for some straight up magick tips and tools you can implement in your rituals to maximize your results.

This Aries moon is the first Full Moon of the Fall so kick off the season by putting in that Work! Remember that the more you put in, the more you get out so don’t be afraid of ceremonial magick or anything else that will require great amounts of energy from you.

The Tongue is a Sword

It’s critical that you never underestimate the power of speech. Most of us are familiar with the word, ‘Abracadabara” being used in magic which is Hebrew for “I see what I speak.” The tongue is a sword that can be used to create or destroy, so think before you speak! Words alone cast spells. Why do you think they call it, “spell-ing” babe?

The Sun being in the Airy sign of Libra on a Mercury day means communication will be a heavy theme so write those intentions, and release spells. Get ready to chant, talk to your spirit guides and ancestors and make sigils to communicate your desires.

Outside the House

Go under the moonlight with what you’d like you to release and what you’d like to attract. Fire and Air are complimentary elements so if you put the energy in this Moon you will get the results you’re seeking. Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all being direct is going to help you manifest faster as well. Remember to approach the Moon with an offering since you’re asking for something.

Chaos is the Mother of Moon

Just a heads up that Aries is ruled by Mars so don’t be surprised if you have a headache or if you find yourself or others are more, “hot headed” than usual. If tensions arise for you this Full Moon, refer to the chaos magick post. I go into depth about how Chaos Magick and Alchemy go hand in hand to help us transmute energy. Also never bother with dark magick or revenge Work as all energy gets returned to sender.

If you feel frustrated or angry this Full Moon don’t back down in the face of opposition but rather let it fuel you to push yourself harder towards your goals. Transmute the energy!

At Home

If you plan on practicing your magick at home then a clean room or practice space is necessary. Tidying up before practicing and burning incense and/or a cleansing herb is perfect for clearing the energy on a physical and metaphysical level.

Closing doors and windows in the room you’ll be practicing in helps to raise energy. Write your sigils on walls, mirrors and doors to fill the room with the energy of your choice. Don’t be afraid to involve music, chanting or even dancing rituals into your magick as these are also ways to raise and transmute energy.

Check your altars. Your deities need water, a clean altar, and offerings too. Take care of your Ancestors or Spirit Guides and they will take care of you. Those who always take always give as the laws of the Universe will not be broken!

At the Table

For my Rootworkers I always recommend involving the four elements in your Magick so grab crystals, herbs and roots, dirt collected with intention, and of course water to get the energy flowing. Cinnamon and ginger in your spell work is your best friend to signify speed.

Embrace getting extra fiery with the Aries moon by burning plenty of candles or other things to create or destroy energy. If you have Tarot cards place them under burning candles or around your ritual set up to communicate your desires with the Universe. Pictures say a thousand words and each card is packed with plenty of symbolism that’ll get your message across in more ways than one.

The Good Book

I hope by now you all have your own personal grimoires. For my newbies, grimoires are just a Magician’s personal book of recorded rituals and spells. Magick is science and we must record our experiements and results to know if our Work is working or if we need to try something new to get better or faster results.

For more, tap into the Full Moon in Aries prep Glamour Magick Beauty episode and let me know in those comments if any of this advice is helping you. Be back soon y’all, happy manifesting!

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