October 20 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. So you wanna learn Tarot but like with anything, becoming a master takes time. Luckily for you I’ve been studying and practicing Tarot cards long enough to teach you something. Stick around to learn numerology and symbolism that will help you understand the basics of Tarot quickly.

Before I begin, the way to learn Tarot through numerology is to always simplify your numbers down. For example, you’ll see The World card represented as number 21. 2+1= 3 so it will hold similar energy to all the other cards “3” cards. Let’s learn!


In the beginning, there was nothing. Zero signifies starting from scratch or new beginnings and is only found on the Fool card. Also keep in mind zero is shaped like a circle, so think of new cycles. The Fool card isn’t throwing “shade” at you or your client but showing that ignorance is bliss. Take this card as a sign to embrace the new chapter upon you, take risks, be optimistic, and more importantly to have blind faith. The world is yours, go get it!


Ok so you’ve taken the Leap of Faith (peep the Fool standing on that cliff)! The Universe then rewards you for your trust in It by offering you a host of tools that take you from Fool to Magician. Quite the jump eh (pun intended)?

One is the only friendly odd number in the deck as usually odd numbers are signs of chaos. However, out of the abyss comes creation. Thus, the Magician is represented by the number one because they are the ultimate creator. With all the tools they need at their disposal i.e the four elements (wands =fire, cups =water, coins/disks = earth and swords =air), any desired reality can be created. They don’t need anyone else for they alone are enough to move mountains.

You’ll also see Aces being represented by the number one which shows the Universe giving you offerings as well. Never take the Universes’s gifts for granted. You can show gratitude by continuing to practice the same faith that got you to jump off the cliff.

One’s are very Aries energy as Aries is the first zodiac sign ruled by Mars, the planet of war, ambition and passion. Aries also rules the head so it’s up to you at this point to think and create wisely.


Right after the Magician the Universe makes you the High Priestess. Two is the number of balance and choices so here you have the power to choose whether you want to use your tools to create light or darkness. Moreover, the High Priestess is about the balance of the conscious and the subconscious mind, or the balance between the low vibrational and high vibrational you. You will need to be able to balance both to succeed as you can’t have one without the other.

Be careful of what you choose because those choices create outcomes, peep the Justice and Judgement cards.

Justice at the far left, and Judgement at the far right


You’ve just made a choice, now something must happen. Three is a creation number so this is just the very beginning phases of the choices you just made. Three is an odd number so it doesn’t always come off as pleasant energy (three of swords) but it’s a sign that your magick is working. When you see three just know your desires are in the middle of manifesting.

In Major Arcana cards, The World, The Empress and The Hanged Man represent new perspectives, new energy and fertility (aka you’re creating something).


Fours in a reading signify stability, rest and waiting. Your magick is working but the Universe asks you to not to jump off the cliff again just yet but to calm down and give It a chance to work for you. According to hermetic law, things must happen in the astral realm before they happen in the physical realm so heavy on the blind faith my loves. Something is surely coming you just can’t see it yet.

As an even number four is calmer energy but don’t take this time to rest for granted for you will need it for what’s coming. It’s easy to get bored around this time so meditate or find other ways to keep yourself busy so you can get that pesky anxiety demon off your back. An idle mind is the Devil’s playground.


I hope you got rest because up jump the shit starts! Just as you were chillin’ peacefully here comes some opposition to knock you off your game. Five is an odd number that represents conflict but remember that creation is rooted in chaos. The Universe deliberately brings drama to test your physical and mental strength along with your faith. You need this conflict to grow and develop so use that chaos magick and fight for what’s yours!


Six is simply the number of love, abundance and victory so rejoice for the fight is over. On Minor Arcana cards you’ll typically see six showing themes of celebration, sharing wealth and utter joy. Whereas Major Arcana cards like The Devil and The Lovers are just two sides of the same coin. The imagery shows that the result of our choices can lead us to paradise or the pits of hell. Remember when I told you to choose wisely?


Lucky number seven! Or is it? Sevens in Tarot aren’t the best energy either as they’re still odd numbers that create friction. Just as you’re celebrating your achievements here comes envious opposition wanting to take your spot. However, this battle is more intense as sevens are mental energy whereas fives are physical energy.

Much of the fight here is to overcome your own anxiety and self doubt. This is a time to practice faith and ask the Universe for assistance. You’ll need a new strategy that involves brains over brawn if you plan to maintain what you have…


This is where we see a turning point as eight will reveal the outcome of the previous battle. Don’t let it slide past you that the number eight is just an upright infinity symbol (again, peep that it has a turning point).

If you pull a Minor Arcana card you’ll typically find yourself retreating from battle, at a stalemate or still working through it. Pulling a Major Arcana (Star Card and Strength) only leads to one place. Victory.


Nine is the last step before the cycle ends and there are many outcomes that can happen here. If you made it out of battle alive then you’re satisfied and enjoying the fruits of your labor. For those who are still fighting, the suit of swords in the Minor Arcana cards show you having to push through and kick ass one last time. For the rest, the suit of wands shows you standing your ground and not backing down.

The Major Arcana shows one having to take a break from battle to look within for answers (Hermit and Moon card) before the fight can carry on.

Please keep in mind that there’s more than one way to win a fight and it doesn’t always include you having to get down and dirty. Sometimes it’s just unwavering faith, remaining solid and never giving up.


Ten marks the end of the cycle so you you may be basking in complete victory or suffering from a disappointing defeat. Either way the battle is finally over. However, ten boils down to one so it all comes back to you. After all, you’re the Magician so no matter how things things wen’t down it’s linked to decisions you made whether right or wrong.

Not to go all math-y on you but we live in a base ten system (at least in America we do), so once we count to ten, the numbers wrap back around to one or the beginning to start the cycle over again. See how it all comes full circle?

If you like this deck it’s African American Tarot by Jamal R. I will come back and teach y’all more but let me know in the comments if this was helpful or if you have questions.

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