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Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. American Horror Story just wrapped up it’s tenth season, Double Feauture and I am equally as underwhelmed as I am disappointed. Fellow fans gather ‘round for a recap of the season and some theories. Warning this article contains spoilers. Let’s go…

The Trailer

I feel it necessary to mention the trailer as it was quite misleading, hence the mass disappointment among Viewers. Dubbed, “Double Feauture”, Season 10 appeared as if it would be a two-part series focused on themes of sirens/mermaids and aliens. Much to Our dismay only one of those things would turn out to be true.

Red Tide

The first half of the season, Red Tide started off very strong. the coastal/beach town seemed like a promising setting for our aquatic monsters as it was a major theme in the trailer and even the season’s artwork.

However, instead of sirens or mermaids we got vampires who spent the entirety of their time on land. The Writers decided to use Red Tide as a means to create a dialogue around Artists, creativity and the desire for fame and success. More interestingly, the Writers involved a Black Pill that lended itself to the conspiracy theory that Hollywood’s elite are narcissistic adrenochrome obsessed baby eaters. it’s a great storyline indeed but it’s not connected to sirens or aliens in anyway.

Death Valley

The season’s second half, Death Valley gives us the aliens we were promised but things began to take a turn for the worst.

The Writers should’ve titled this portion, “Conspiracy Theories” as they went down the tin hat rabbit hole of watergate, reptilians, Marilyn Monroe’s death, Area 51, and the fraudulent Moon landing. Basically They went all around the world and ay-ya-ya rather than developing a storyline that would connect back to Red Tide and the Black Pill.

Missing Links

Ok so the Writers dropped the ball but let’s delve into exactly where they messed up.

While watching Red Tide I believed I would see Doris, Karen, the Chemist and Ursula on the other side in Death Valley as they were key figures that helped to develop the plot.

I was surprised when Doris had an adverse reaction to the Black Pill because she’s a mother, the ultimate creator, so I never believed she lacked creativity.

We saw actress Lily Rabe again in Death Valley but no correlation was made between her and Emelia Earhart.

The utterly ruthless Ursula had business involvement in the Black Pill so I believed We would see her with the aliens in some shape, form or fashion. She comes back in Death Valley as Calico but again, no link is made back to Ursula. A lack of conscience is the only thing Ursula and Calico have in common.

Now onto the season’s major power player, the Chemist. As the creator of the Black Pill again, I was was all too sure she would have a critical role in Death Valley.

She comes back as alien-human hybrid, Theta but the Black Pill and the Chemist isn’t mentioned again.

As far as Karen is concerned, I hate the way the Writers made us fall in love with her and provided no backstory as she was singlehandedly the most interesting character in Ride Tide.

On the Red Tide finale we saw Karen finally take the Black Pill, became a vampire and walk into the Ocean. I believed she would walk into the water and Death Valley would pick up at her coming out of the water alive but I guess that’s too much like good writing. Our fave Ms. Paulson comes back as First Lady Eisenhower and Karen is never seen or heard from again.

Theories & Questions

Ok I need y’all to ride with me for a ‘lil bit. When Karen walked into the water I thought she would either become a siren or end up in space. I believed this because for those of Us that subscribe to flat Earth theory (please research before attacking me in the comments), it is believed that “space” is really just water (I will do a post about Creation Theory).

As I digress, what real purpose did the college students serve if they were just going to die in the end? Why was Jamie killed when many others who had way less “perfect” babies before her allowed to live? Why did the Aliens spend 60 years trying to get a perfect specimen by doing the same thing over and over? The math isn’t mathing.

As the season persists, we learn that the Aliens are near the brink of extinction and their planet is pretty much dunzo. From Theta’s conversations it seems as if Humans helped to destroy the Aliens’ planet but how?

Also, Theta is an Alien-Human half breed themselves. How did Theta happen when the other hybrids are so difficult to create?

There’s so many questions that We never get answers to…

Another big question We never got answers to are what’s in the Black Pill?

Personally, I believe it’s the blood of all those sacrificed hybrid babies. Maybe the less “perfect” babies were the ones whose blood were causing the Apes to go nuts? Maybe I’m reaching, maybe the Writers never cared to clarify…

It’s an understatement to say the finale was anticlimactic. Fans who have seen how Murphy handles aliens have long stated he has issues with developing this particular kind of storyline and he only continues to prove them right. Double Feature is like watching several concepts in one and there’s no type of congruency. It almost comes off as if Writing and Production are trolling. Either way I’m not here for it and I’ll have to think about if next season is worth my time.

Til then, catch every review I did of each episode on the Glamour Magick Beauty Podcast. Links below, love y’all!

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