October 26 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. If you’ve been following me for a while then you know I’ve done my fair share of exposing the sacrifice, escorting and satanism that goes on within the music industry. However, as I sat down and really did some thinking I realized just how much the music industry and the military have in common. Stick around to read the commonalities between the two.


Joining the military and the music industry both require the signing of a contract. The contract is a binding agreement that usually runs the course of nothing less than four years. In exchange for money and opportunities to advance one’s life and career, the signee turn over their mind, body and soul, essentially turning themselves into property.

Getting out of the agreement is no easy feat and comes with grave consequences. One could only hope to be able to buy their way out of the contract but both the military and the music industry pay so little it’s hard to ever have enough money on hand to do so. All the money one makes tends to go back into their career/the entity they signed to.

Military members must buy uniforms and spend money on other basic needs such as food and housing. Whereas performing and recording artists have to fund the creation of their art. It’s an extra sucky deal for the artist who has to spend money on studio time, production, mixing and mastering, among a host of other things like fashion styling, hair and makeup, photo and video shoots and oh yeah they gotta market that music to help it sell. If the soldier or the artist has children or family back at home that needs financial support, well then that’s money out their pocket too.


Which leads me into money. Any truthful musician will tell you they don’t make much money off their music. The advance they get upon signing is nothing more than a mere loan that the label demands be paid back. So even if the artist gets a million dollar advance and sells a million records, they must pay back the initial loan even after funding their project and then the label is always going to take their cut of the record sales. A lot of times artists find themselves in even more debt after a “successful” project.

Military members will never see a million dollars as long as they work for the government, they’ll be lucky if they ever see six figures. Sometimes the government will give them bonuses for particular assignments but failing to adhere to certain standards (such as failiing P.T tests) will result in the soldier or sailor having to pay the government back.

Agendas & Oaths

Both the military and the music industry require that their subjects push agendas to the masses. Soldiers are shipped overseas to do the dirty work of rich men via war, assassination or invasion/attack.

Artists must push a host of psychological and social agendas. Some that come to mind are, making sex work mainstream and acceptable, normalizing pedophilia and the sexualization of children, the emasculation of men and the exploitation of women and their bodies, the infamous LGBTQIA+ agenda and of course the agenda to keep Black people spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and financially trapped and stagnant.

What’s even more interesting is that both are secret societies in their own right so a vow of silence is required. Those who are not “in” will never truly know the full extent of what goes on behind the scenes, and for good reason…

Experimentation & Programming

Both the military and music industry aren’t above experimenting and programming their subjects in order to get the job done and push agendas. Remember, artists and soldiers are property and these entities treat them as such.

There are plenty of accounts and evidence of military members not returning home the same after certain assignments and I’m not talking about PTSD. I’m talking about a person being programmed to be a kill/war machine and having a dissociative disorder in which they’re left void of emotion and stuck in a space where life is like a video game.

Common forms of artist programming are Beta Sex Kitten and MK Ultra which are both brainwashing tactics to keep people controlled. When an artist pops out with the cheetah print and blonde hair, the deeds have been done…

An Entity That Preys

Many people use the military and music as a way out of poverty so both entities prey on people that come from traumatic, low income and poorly educated backgrounds. Both predators promise the prey that upon joining their organization, they’ll be able to feed their families and travel the world. A dream of many indeed, the often destitute prey jump at the first chance of a better life and sign the contact before even reading the fine print.

To make matters worse, if the prey and their community aren’t very educated then they may not be able to properly interpret and understand the contracts before them. This is even more of a win-win for the predator that’s actively looking to recruit because questions can slow down or halt the process entirely.

That’s all I have for now y’all. Drop down in the comments and let me know if you see the similarities or know any other ways these two industries are alike. In the meantime catch my latest two Glamour Magick Beauty Podcast episodes about the sacrifice and escorting within the music and entertainment industry.

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