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Mars in Scorpio: A Quiet Battle Before a Loud Victory


November 3rd, 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. The fiery warrior planet Mars moved into transformative water sign Scorpio on October 30th, where it’ll stay until December 13th. In ancient astrology Scorpio is ruled by Mars so it’s right at home (in modern astrology it’s ruled by Pluto) where it’ll be able to bring complete change into our lives. Let’s talk about some things to expect over the transit and how we can come out on the other side victorious.


I think of Scorpio energy as if one was out in the dark depths of the ocean. A frightening scene indeed, death would be the only choice to survive. On could decide to go with the flow by plunging deep into the waters and becoming one with the sea (mermaids and sirens anyone?). Going into the depths of the waters would allow one to get in touch with Source and operate off pure intuition. The other choice is to drown and die which would completely shift a person’s reality. No choice is better than the other as both lead to the same destination, a new life.

While other water signs are thought to be sensitive, Scorpio has a reputation for being secretive, obsessive, sexual, and vengeful. In Tarot, Scorpio represents the Death card but with each death we are reborn.

Another way I like to interpret Tarot is through numerology. Death is the 13th Major Arcana card which boils down to 4. I also have the World card pictured which is the 21st card that can be brought down to 3. 3 is a creation number and I perceive 4 as a rest number. I interpret this as creation or life, then after comes rest or death. After 4 comes 5 which is another chaotic number to fuel creation/life again.

Peep that circle around the lady and the spiral she’s wrapped in. These depict cycles, creation and time. Don’t let the big circle around her forming a zero slide past you neither.

With both Martian and Scorpio energy in full force, beware of succubi and incubi around this time. You may feel more aroused than usual but please practice intimacy safely. Don’t let sexual desires cloud your better judgement. This is too good a time of spiritual metamorphosis to let fleeting low vibrational bullshit knock you off your game.

Words for Thought

Scorpions are an insect that live quiety and in solitude but if bothered, they will strike you with everything they have. In the wise words of a man named Lil’ Jon, “Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit”. So, I’m going to give you the same advice I always do, focus on yourself and your own progression. The best revenge is peace and happiness, two emotions many will never experience. I urge you to embrace and walk in your power and confidence because there’s no such thing as dethroning a loser. If people are trying to pull you down or hold you back, you’re already above and ahead of them. Why waste resources fighting a battle that’s already won when you could invest those same resources into obtaining new victories?

Mars Magick

How did your Full Moon in Aries go? Between that and the Sun being in Scorpio, something is bound to be exposed if it hasn’t been already. With Mars in Libra over now, this is not the time to ponder on making a decision, give too much focus to a relationship and it’s definitely not the time to keep the peace. Get ready for some chaos magick for the Mars in Scorpio transit. However, you haven’t any time or energy to waste on petty revenge plots either so allow me show you other ways. I need to you to understand that the only warfare is spiritual warfare. I understand the nature of pesky demons as I’ve had to fight a major one myself.

Scorpio is secretive so please move in silence. Go deep inside the waters of you and let your intuition guide you. Life is a game of chess thus the best wins are calculated and well thought out. Remember to never rush as this only causes delays. Walk in the Scorpio energy and plan a massive attack that sneaks up on your enemy like a thief in the night. Turn the negative energy of your adversaries into the gold bricks you stack to build your wealth. Perservere out of sheer spite. Meet negative words with facetiousness.

Remember the Formula: Think it= already yours. Intention, energy, action = magick.

Tap into the Martian energy by using more fire in your magick than usual. Whip out those candles, do release spells, burn sigils and herbs such as sage, cinnamon, onions, and bay leaves. The theme song of Mars in Scorpio is, “Let it burn”. Burn it and let it go. Let nothing hold you back by releasing anything and anyone not in alignment. Write in your grimoires and look back at how much you’ve progressed.

This Mars in Scorpio transit is giving me Phoenix Rising vibes. Remain focused as enemies will always have plenty of distractive traps for you to fall in. Talk to your ancestors and spirit guides for additional guidance along your journey. Understand that no weapon formed against you shall prosper as to hurt another means to hurt one’s self. Maintain your results thus far by staying consistent. They key is blind faith.

How has Mars in Scorpio been treating y’all so far? I got some psychic downloads on Halloween that changed me forever. I will never live or see life the same way. Also, lately I find myself tired of talking. I’ve cut off, ignored and hung up on a number of people over the last week. Personally, I respond to the seasons and the weather so I just don’t have the energy in the colder months. I have no time to waste talking to fools and arguing with people who hear me but refuse to listen. Two places I can’t go are back and forth.

Do y’all have anything planned for the New Moon in Scorpio tomorrow? Let me know in the comments.

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