Venus In Capricorn + Mercury in Scorpio: Beautiful Change

November 6 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. If you’ve felt a shift in the energy it’s because there’s been a lot of movement in the sky. On the 5th, Venus moved into Capricorn, the Moon moved into Sagittarius and Mercury moved into Scorpio. It may seem like a lot but I’m here to break it down and let you know what to expect with these transits, let’s go.

Moon in Sagittarius

How was y’all’s New Moon in Scorpio? After the tense energy we’re rewarded with the Moon moving into the fun fire sign of Sagittarius. Embrace the good in the chaos, blind faith and optimism. Sagittarius is also about higher learning and is ruled by Jupiter so this is prime time to expand on your spirituality, whether in theory or in practice.

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury joins the Sun and Mars in Scorpio to give us a stellium (3 or more planets in one sign). This surely marks the beginning of new cycles, especially after that Aries Full Moon which I warned would be the ending of many things. Mercury in Scorpio will bring changes to how we communicate so I think of this transit as the silence is loud but actions speak louder than words. Expect secrets and true feelings will be revealed as well.

Lastly, with Mercury in Scorpio I recommend being extra intentional with how you communicate and with whom. There are so many people who aren’t worth your time speaking and explaining things to. Protect your energy by moving in silence.

Venus in Capricorn

Are you ready for love? After Venus’s time in light-hearted Sagittarius, it’s move into Capricorn is either make it or break it for relationships. If you’re still single, the energy you want to attract. Be the faithful, loving, caring and thoughtful person to yourself that you’re looking for in someone else.

Venus is in Capricorn until March 2022 and is also going to be a financially beneficial transit for money and business. Keep at whatever you’re passionate about and stay consistent.

How are y’all feeling about these transits? Are y’all ready and open for change? I know I am as I’ve just ended a major karmic relationship. Drop down in the comments and let me know.

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