What’s to Come for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

November 18 2021


Welcome to Glamour Magick Beauty. How have y’all been? It’s about that time again as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is tomorrow and just so happens to land on a Venus Day. The Lunar Eclipse itself is also in Taurus which is an earth sign that’s ruled by Venus too so if you feel like eating chocolate on a mink rug, the astro transits are probably why. If you’re looking to make sense of it all and/or a practicing magician looking to shake up your reality, keep reading.

The Feminine Urge to Hibernate in the Winter Time.

For those around the World currently going through Fall/Winter, how’s the cold weather treating you? It’s not my fave but I must cope. The conversation around femininity and masculinity has hit the pop culture/mainstream media streets hard and sparked much debate. According to Twitter’s, AlchemistIndy, she likens feminine energy to being still, disassociating, and attracting things. Between the time moving back an hour and the cold weather outside, I just don’t have energy to do the most. Feminine energy all the way.

Moon Magick

The moon in Taurus is giving heavy on the lay around and eat vibes and I urge you to embrace this time to slow down and go with the flow. This moon is also known as the Beaver Moon so we may be focused on seeking shelter and establishing security. As mentioned before the Sun being out less may have us in hibernation mode but we can’t hustle all year. Follow the order of nature and take life in stride.

Additionally, the Scorpio Taurus axis is the crux of indulgence and obsession so please be mindful about where you put your energy on a mind, body and spiritual level. Don’t obsess over the things you want but rather walk in the spirit of faith and gratitude because you know you’re actively attracting all that you seek. The only magick is alignment and matching the vibration of your desires.

Venus Day Glamour Magick

Ok so what about the glamour magick and the beauty? Due to tomorrow being a lunar eclipse, I’m recommending shadow work, rest and self care. Shine a light on the darkness within you by being brutally honest about where you are and where you want to go. Honesty helps you drop off so much unnecessary emotional baggage that you can’t carry your entire journey. See the beauty in your madness with some mirror magick or through journaling. Pull out that spiritual shovel and go deep.

Feeling lazy? There’s magick in smoking and indulging in cheeseburgers while in the car under the moonlight as you talk it out with yourself too! Never understate the power of chillin’ and doing you.

Let me know how have y’all been feeling and holding up in the comments and if you have any Full Moon magick planned, spill the tea! In the meantime, check out my latest episode Jupiter Day Good Juju on the Glamour Magick Beauty Podcast

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