Sagittarius Season Astrology Forecast: December 2021

November 25 2021


Happy Thanksgiving Y’all! Welcome to Glamour Magick Beauty. As we come out of the dark of Scorpio season, the Sun’s move into Sagittarius ushers in optimism, luck, and an extra dose of wisdom. Other astrological transits for the remainder of November and December prove to bring brighter days ahead as well. I already talked about the Sagittarius stellium but today I’ll be taking a closer look at more aspects, let’s go.

Mercury in Sagittarius 11/24

Mercury moving into Sagittarius on the 24th urges us to communicate loud and proud. It’s a time to be completely honest with ourselves and others regardless of how the truth makes us or them feel. That being said the energy is speak the truth and seek the truth. The year is almost over so say what needs to be said now so you don’t bring stale energy into next year. I also encourage y’all to partake in jokes and any other forms of light-hearted communication. Mercury rules the mind so tap into your mental powers and get your mind right so you’re able to go full a speed ahead at your manifestations.

However, the dark side of the above recommendations is offending people so please choose your words wisely. Speak love and life over your reality. Teach and be taught. Let me remind you that with the higher learning aspect of Sagittarius and after all that happened during Scorpio season you’ve come too far to communicate with the fools. Let them talk amongst themselves.

Some Transits that Might Shake Up Thanksgiving 11/25

For Thanksgiving day, astrologer Anne Ortelee on Twitter announced that the Moon in Leo’s opposition to Saturn in Aquarius will bring in argumentative energy. The Sun in Sagittarius running parallel to Mercury in Sagittarius is bound to bring some type of debate to the dinner table as well. How was y’all’s Thanksgiving? Did you have interesting conversations at supper? I sure did! I spoke about my studies in mysticism and metaphysical science. Not your average holiday talking point but I specialize in lightening the mood.

Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius December 4th

The solar eclipse in Sagittarius is just the fuel to our fire we need after the Taurus full moon. All that shadow work and inner work should have us shining and focused on new beginnings. Think of your life right now as good, fertile, and arable land. What seeds do you want to plant? With the Archer in your hands, cast your net far and wide. Go for gold because it’s surely within reach. The Sun, Moon and Mercury all in Sagittarius shows full alignment of the mind, body and spirit. Also the Sun and Mercury will be in South Node Sagittarius so remember to let go of the past. New cycles and new adventures are upon us now.

Mars in Sagittarius December 13th/14th

Sagittarius is the only sign carrying a weapon and Mars feels comfortable in a fire sign so proceed with caution. If you don’t choose your words (ahem* Mercury) carefully you could end up choosing violence freely. On a lighter note Mars here is also fighting for what you believe in and demanding justice. Therefore don’t run from confrontion just choose what’s worth your time and energy fighting for. As always, let the fools fight while the fly take flight. Use your passion for better, chaos magick anyone?

Gemini Full Moon December 18th

Fire and air energy work together to ignite amazing things so the opposition of the Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius is going to be great for creating. Open yourself up to new ways of thinking and living and new routines. This high energy will have the heart and the mind working at their fullest potential to get us geared up for Capricorn season. This is Magician card energy after the Death, World card and Fool energy of Scorpio season.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn December 19th

When Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn on the 19th it will also be conjunct Pluto to transform our finances and love lives. I think of retrogrades as taking a step back into the past to take a big step forward for the present and future. I warn those in relationships of karmic situations coming back around. Also, themes of either getting serious or splitting up will be prevalent.

This transit is sure to send relationships through the motions but Venus in Capricorn knows what she wants. Here, she desires stability, titles and order and knows her worth and won’t settle for less. Venus knows she can attract what she desires if she remains in her magnetic vibration.

Magicians please work in your highest mind and move forward. Himtuition on Twitter predicts this transit being highly transformative (in a good way) for our career and finances.

Chiron Direct in Aries December 19th

Chiron, the wounded healer is a centaur himself so him going direct in Aries is about mind over matter and choosing you over matters of the heart. This transit urges us to focus on healing the mind and ourselves. Chiron in Aries moves forward and believes himself despite past pains.

That’s all I have for now y’all. Anyone else notice the timeline shifting? I thought Thanksgiving was Thursday the 29th…Anywho, this Sag season let’s set our sights on something great and go for it. Tap into the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast til next time.

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