Sagittarius New Moon, Astro Twitter, Who Wears Ivy Park?

December 3 2021


Welcome to Glamour Magick Beauty. For those who missed the latest Venus day episode on the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast, here’s a catch up of the episode’s hottest topics…

Astro Report

Today is a Venus day with a Sagittarius stellium (Sun, Mercury and the Moon are in Sagittarius), Mars in Scorpio, and Neptune is finally direct. Venus herself is in shadow period until she goes retrograde in Capricorn on the 19th. Tomorrow, the 4th is going to bring the holidays early because the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is ushering in new energy and big blessings. With this energy we aren’t taking bullshit and are choosing ourselves. Luck and big career opportunities should also be on the horizon for many of us.

Ancestor Messages

As usual my Ancestors rolled through to deliver a few messages. They remind me to move at my own pace because rushing and worrying makes things happen or come no faster. They also remind me to walk in the spirit of gratitude as it’s one of the highest vibrations to operate in. Lastly, they continue to tell me to, “hold my head” and “never fold” because eventually the pendulum swings, it’s the law of the Universe.

This reminder of Hermetic Law is also applicable to their words about money. The etymological breakdown of, “currency” is current + sea so it’s vital to learn that money has a flow and to master it. I’ve been reminded to spend or rather, invest to keep the flow steady and to not over save because that stops things.

Pop Culture Recap

At the top of the blogs has been Rihanna’s alleged pregnancy but Bad Gal Rih Rih debunked the rumors. Despite people’s opinions about them together I think A$AP Rocky is a huge upgrade from her past romances. I wish them the best in their relationship.

The starseeds are fighting Chile! Celebrity astrologers and Twitter Influencers Kemi Marie and Jade had a social media tussle that left Jade being deemed a scammer. Whether she’s really a scammer or not, being associated with a compulsive liar like SZA isn’t a good look.

Ok y’all I really do believe Kanye sacrificed Virgil. Let me know how you feel in the comments. Virgil just mysteriously died and now Kanye’s having a major shoe release. I honestly feel like shame on the Kardashian’s and everyone associated with them. Ye murking mom and friends and Travis is sacrificing his fans, just foul and pathetic. It makes it no better that Hulu has jumped in and is trying to push content and capitalize off the tragedy as well, but I’ve heard the theory this entire fiasco was planned.

YK Osiris is an industry prostitute in disguise. Please don’t buy he really sang his way out of a $60,000 debt with Drake. The more you know!

Y’all I think Ivy Park is a money laundering scam or either a ploy to push occult symbolism and programming. There’s been several conversations about who wears Ivy Park on the internet because many people haven’t seen others wearing it out in public. I know the numbers and headlines are screaming, “sold out” but the math isn’t mathing. It’s giving manufactured…

That’s all I have for Venus day! I hope y’all enjoy a great weekend, in the meantime keep in touch with me on Twitter @glamagickbeauty or @504shawtyyIG or on Instagram @1trichelle or @glamourmagickbeauty. Love y’all…

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