Affordable Beauty to Pamper Yourself While Traveling

December 8 2021


Welcome to Glamour Magick Beauty. Sagittarius season has turned the wheel of fortune in our lives in terms of healing, relocation and new relationships. For those who have ever had to move, you know how much of a draining process it is especially if you’re going to a new city or state. However, self care and glamour still matter while you’re on the road (or in the sky). Here are some beauty products that have made my transition a little bit smoother and sweeter, let’s go!

I’ve used Suave’s Sea Salt & Eucalyptus body wash for about a year give or take. It’s only $2, smells so fresh and I thoroughly enjoy the exfoliating beads. The main reason why I continue to purchase this though is because it helps so much with my eczema and it’s much cheaper and more convenient than African Black Soap, also not as drying. It’s a staple for me.

I can no longer just shower with soap now, I require a scrub. I really love to exfoliate to keep my skin even and smooth and I think shedding skin keeps me extra clean. I also enjoy an added layer of smell and sugar for it’s hydration properties. The scent is delicious but the texture is even better. Nice and thick and easy to smooth across the skin and rub in, one of the best sugar scrubs I’ve tried in a while. I picked this up while HEB had a 25% off beauty sale and it ran me no more than $5. Lucky me!

I found Dove’s rich nourishment cream on a quick trip to the dollar store. At only $2 and as a big fan of Dove I thought, “why not?” It smells delectable in usual Dove product fashion and while it’s not greasy or runny it is a little thick but it is a cream after all. I don’t find it to be as hydrating as it claims but it’s good for the on-the-go purposes. Either way the packaging and the scent are unmatched, I’m happy with it.

Nothing like a cheap body spray to douse yourself in for a quick pick-me up. Aeropostale’s Peach Daisy was a cheap Way-Mart find that I don’t regret. It smells awesome and serves its purpose, it freshens my scent quickly lol. This body spray is very in and out but it doesn’t smell like alcohol or irritate my skin. Use it as bathroom, room, or car spray when necessary as it’s just $5 and it’s a pretty big bottle.

I haven’t used Redken since I had relaxed hair almost a decade ago but I was gifted their Genius cleansing conditioner so I gave it a try. I’ve used this product off and on for a few months but I enjoy every time I use it. It has that salon/professional haircare smell which I don’t mind but I do like how it leaves your scalp feeling fresh even though it doesn’t tingle much. It’s not drying at all and helps to detangle the hair which also makes styling so much easier. I love the convenience and how it makes my hair feel so I’d buy it myself. I’ve seen it online for as low as $17.

Another product spotted while I was at HEB, Aunt Jackie’s Knot on My Watch is a light leave-in that detangles and lightly hydrates. I want to emphasize the hydration is light because if your hair is thicker or coarser you should or could layer this product with other products. However, it makes detangling easier and is nice when you need something simple to refresh your curls. I think it retails for less than $5.

Those are my faves on my current beauty roster. Let me know in the comments what affordable products are y’all indulging in lately. In the meantime check out new episodes on the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast

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