Astrology Forecast: Gemini Moon and Mercury in Capricorn

December 19 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. As 2021 comes to a close, what are you looking forward to in 2022? Tonight’s Cold Moon or Full Moon in Gemini is the last of the year and therefore a great time to release your last bits of baggage. Mercury in Capricorn on the other hand is ushering in themes of communication and focus. Keep reading for full moon spells and an in-depth look at these transits.

Full Moon in Gemini

The Sun in Sagittarius squaring off with the Moon in Gemini is going to bring communication matters to the forefront. As an air signed ruled by Mercury, Gemini is social and a talker. I encourage my readers to wrap up any conversations that need to be had before the year is over. Get it all off your chest. Communicate honestly and openly. Seek truth and understanding but accept the things you cannot change. Let bygones be bygones and leave all adversity in 2021.

Mercury in Capricorn

Fun and fast moving Mercury will be in Capricorn til January 2nd. Expect to have thoughts, conversations and people from the past come back around. Communication with others may also be restricted and technology may also move slow. On the brighter side, you may find yourself thinking of master plans that can take your material reality to new heights. Your laser focus plus the extra shot of ambition from Mars in Sagittarius is the perfect combo to help you rise. The theme here is mind over matter, you got it, go!


Moon Work: Full moons and release spells go hand in hand. I highly recommend shadow work and ceremonial magick that involves cleansing your aura and releasing old ties. List everything and everyone you want to release from your life on a sheet of paper and burn it under the moonlight. I also would include specific reasons why these things must go and what you hope to accomplish by releasing them. Detachement is key so after you write it out and burn it, move on. If you’re truly releasing then whatever you wrote on that paper doesn’t even matter anymore. Sigils written on the paper strengthens intention.

Toilet Flushing: Another way to get rid of things is to write down what you want to eliminate on a piece of toilet paper and flush it down the toilet. Of course say intentions over the porcelain seat before you flush.

Will y’all be doing any magick for the full moon? If so please follow up in the comments with your results. Also let me know and how was your 2021 and what are you manifesting for 2022? I promise Capricorn season is bringing greater things to us and everything will be sweet by the Spring Equinox. Check out the latest episode of the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast til next time. Love y’all…

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