It’s 2022: Hoodoo, Resolutions and other New Years Magic

January 1 2022


Welcome to Glamour Magick Beauty. 2022 has finally arrived and many of us are participating in New Years rituals without even knowing it. Those of us who are conscious of what they are doing might be practicing Hoodoo or some other type of Intentional Practice. This year opens on a Saturn day and the energy is particularly productive, can you feel it? Many of us are choosing today to start diets and clean and clear out old energy from our phones and homes. If you’re new to this, I’m true to this so let’s delve into something more tangible than resolutions this New Year.


It’s African American tradition to cook cornbread, collard greens, ham, and black eyed peas for New Years. Some people cook this meal strictly because of tradition and some are Hoodoo practitioners who cook this meal with intention. Some don’t cook the entire meal or may arrange it as a stew but black eyed peas and collard greens are the key ingredients regardless of preparation. They specifically represent peace and wealth are suited for anyone’s diet so I encourage you to have your fair share. It’s also a Hoodoo belief to enter the New Year with a dollar in your pocket for good fortune and to be very careful of the first person you let into your home. Moreover, you can’t go wrong sweeping and smudging your space from back to front as well to clear out old energies. Lastly, beware of what you’re doing on this day or you may be doing that all year.

New Years Kiss

The New Years Kiss is a ritual or tradition that’s been around for decades. Many think it’s for good luck but in my opinion kissing is an intimate act that involves swapping energies so be intentional about who you kiss. Not having anyone to lock lips with is a lot better than kissing an energy vampire!

Resolutions and Consistency

Planet Fitness, Pinterest and Canva are overrun right now with people who are going for their goals with full force today. Great, and I encourage and promote this energy but please remember the hardest part is being consistent. It is common knowledge many people ditch their resolutions by February. That said, beware of burnout. Winter is not naturally a time to work super hard, remember our conversation about nigredo alchemy? The real new year begins on the Spring Equinox so don’t let unnecessary pressure give you anxiety that’s going to do nothing but set you back. Slow and steady wins the race.

How are y’all bringing in the New Year? Did you do any magick or shadow work? Know of anymore good luck rituals to do today? Let’s talk in the comments. Reach out to me on Twitter and tune in the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast in the meantime. Love y’all…

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