What to Expect from New Moon in Capricorn January 2022

Jan 2 2022


Welcome to Glamour Magick Beauty. The New Year has arrived and in the spirit of Capricorn season the New Moon is here the moment after. New Moons are ripe for manifesting and Capricorn is all about success so Magicians please make the most of this transit! If you’re lost about what this all means or what to do, stick with me.

Dream Big

I’m sure many of my readers have already done plenty shadow work and manifesting but if you haven’t it’s not too late. I encourage you all to set goals so big you question if you can actually reach them or not because that’s the exact energy you need right now. The night of the New Moon there will be a Capricorn stellium (Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto will all be in the sign) so the energy of the goat will be thriving. Embody the spirit of the goat and set your sights on climbing to the top. However, Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn asks you to remain disciplined as slow and steady always wins the race.


There’s a fine line between obsession and detachment, i.e, see the Devil and the World card in Tarot. As this year starts off, I’ve already noticed a lot of people want reparations for their subpar 2021. I’m here to tell you to relax because 2022 has several transits that will benefit our highest good. What are your obsessions? What can you detach from? Detaching is hard until you realize everything you’re seeking is already with in you. Beware of lack and poverty mindset holding you back.

Also, balance your high goals with a tangible plan that’ll require daily commitment and discipline from you. One percent each day will get you to those big goals faster than any five percent a week will. You get out what you put in. Are you ready to work, struggle, and sacrifice for it? The goal is only worth it if you are. If your Great Work is truly great it shouldn’t be easy.

That’s all I have for know folks. If you’re doing any magick tonight please leave a comment and join the discussion. Please refer to former articles for tips about ceremonial sigil, candle, and chaos magick and follow up with me about your results. In the meantime I have new episodes of the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast up. Love y’all…

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