Capricorn New Moon,Bimbo Magick, Tech Censorship

Jan 3 2022


Welcome to Glamour Magic Beauty. If you missed the latest Moon Day Magick episode here’s a recap of the topics I discussed. Catch the full episode on Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Youtube, and Spotify.

Astro Report 

Did y’all do anything for the New Moon in Capricorn? If not, it’s not too late if you’d like to. Some people warned not to manifest because of a Pluto transit but reality is what you make it. This is a favorable transit to manifest money if you’d like to. Mercury also moved into Aquarius on the 2nd which is bringing fresh ideas and sparks of innovation.

Many astrologers have also warned of the United States’s Pluto return. Themes from the U.S’s past will start to come back around and the economy and power structure will see intense changes. I’ve been predicting C19 will split the United States up for the last several months, we’ll see what happens.


This past Sunday felt like Monday, do y’all think it’s a timeline shift?

I also had a long conversation this episode about relocating and the notion of, “the longer you stay, the more you get stuck.” Who agrees? From my experience here in Austin I resonate with this because over the years I’ve gotten comfortable here.

Please keep in mind that intuition is a muscle. Work it to make it stronger. The more you doubt it the weaker it gets.

A big benefit of spell work is the visual aspect. Turning something from a thought in your mind to 3D thing is magick in itself. I recommend working with taper candles to help represent your energy better. I also gave advice to do honey jars on yourself to attract all your desires to you.

Break habits by observing yourself and being conscious of thought patterns and behaviors. If you don’t stop, think and observe you’ll never break the cycle.

A lady on Twitter said divine timing isn’t real because all we have is the present. I believe this but I still believe in divinity. Let’s talk in the comments.

Pop Culture

I discussed bimbofication, a topic presented by gsgetlonelytoo on tik tok. I’m all here for gatekeeping ourselves and our intelligence. Knowing and noticing everything doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with peace and happiness. “Bimbofication” makes me think of why God wanted us blind and didn’t want us to have knowledge of Good and Evil. “Be not of this world” resonates now more than ever. If we know everything then the experience of life isn’t fun anymore

Coi Leray was on Instagram promoting Oculus to get people pumped for the metaverse. Y’all won’t catch me there. Do you want to go? Let’s talk!

I’m not here for the censorship of Marjorie Taylor Green. Censorship and government intervention in the tech industry is killing social media and freedom of speech. We have to learn to respect each other’s freedoms and opinions. Society is becoming increasingly soft.

Twitter is still eating Tyra Banks up for her antics on her hit show America’s Next Top Model. While I understand Tyra’s behavior was wild, I also get she was trying to make entertaining television. While that doesn’t excuse her behavior, I see both sides. She’s getting her karma now though and I’m sure all the victims of her abuse feel vindicated as they should. Justice always gets served.

Want to add your opinion on the topics discussed? Drop down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter @glamagickbeauty! Until next time, love y’all…

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