January 4 2022


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. It’s been a while since I did an occult symbolism breakdown or decoding but I recently got a spark of inspiration when I saw a snippet of Justin Bieber’s, ‘Yummy’ music video. The song was released two years ago to the date but it’s never too late to have a conversation. Let’s get to it.

The video opens with Justin entering a restaurant through the kitchen lights are flashing. This is actually a common thing for celebrities to do because they desire discretion. However, when Justin enters we’re introduced to a high class formal dining room with waitors and butlers, children playing live orchestra and fancy decorum. The attendees are young adults are older people who are dressed in formal attire. It’s definitely giving elite vibes.

Now let’s talk about Justin’s outfit, he’s donned in all pink. Pink plaid pants, a pink hoodie and has pink hair and a candy necklace with diamond earrings. He’s serving Certified Lover Boy tease if you get my drift. When it comes to his hair, pink is a color I’ve seen done a few times in mk ultra programming. See pics of other artists along with Justin in ‘Yummy’ in the gallery below.

As I digress, as soon as Justin sits down he begins to eat. But not just eat, gorge. It’s to be presumed this restaurant is “fancy” but be and all the guests are eating copious amounts of junk food such as fries, cheese puffs, candy and Chinese food. The only real food is the whole lobster which no one eats, but there’s quite lot of sweets being served too. Viewers witness a cascade of older people pigging out on all sorts of strange jelly, fruit and icing assortments that resembles concoctions in the 70s. There’s also heavy drinking involved. See pics below.

The video gets trippy as it progresses. The night night wanders on and as the lights get low, the party becomes more lively. The guests go from sitting, to subtly dancing to doing full on choreography once the restaurant gets dark. Scantily clad women arise from underneath the tables and Justin takes his hoodie off and stands atop his table. His candy necklace is now a shiny chain.

The set up of this video looks like an award show after party where the elites perform rituals involving blood magick such as spirit cooking or the human consumption (vampirism) and sacrifice of people, especially children. It’s understandable for a famous person to enter through the back of a restaurant but this video is giving Pizza Gate vibes. There may be more classy establishments involved in sex trafficking than we know. Peep the pics of the people eating below.

I understand the song is a euphemism for how Justin may feel about his wife’s lady parts but the video sends another message. The activity follows the theme of the song’s title, ‘Yummy’, but it’s latent with occult symbolism that lends to the idea that the food is just is a representation of all the children the elites consume. The food options are very child friendly if you think about it…

The video’s conclusion includes a slice of cake filled with icing, blueberries and strawberries. It sits on top a plate that has a picture of Justin as a child a labeled “yummy”. Don’t let the cherries in the corner go over your head along with the red and blue color themes.

‘Yummy’ ends with the restaurant looking in better shape but the chairs flipped over make me think the party is over and it’s just Justin and what I assume is some powerful man sitting in the back corner.

Have y’all seen this video? Let’s discuss it in the comments. Check out the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast in the meantime.

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