Nail Magick, Elizabeth Holmes, Saturn and Black People

January 4 2022


Welcome to Glamour Magic Beauty. If you missed the latest Mars Madness episode here’s a recap of the topics I discussed. Catch the full episode on Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Youtube, and Spotify.

Astro Report

This week’s Mars day has a moon in Aquarius. This is a great time to embody the World and Star card. Create, detach, believe, and spend time with friends! 

How is Capricorn season treating y’all? I’ve got a burst of energy and I’ve been very productive.

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn is the energy of not settling for less and truly believing you can have it all. Have y’all been dating? I have but I have a lot of dealbreakers so I’ve been passing up on a lot of options.


Onychomancy is nail magick or using divination for nails. Magick can be applied to anything. My formula for magick is intention+action/energy+belief.

Sweeping your home from back to front with a cinnamon broom is a hodooo magick trick for prosperity and cleansing. Have y’all done this before? I’m interested and will be purchasing a cinnamon broom now.

0degrees Taurus on Tik tok spoke of the U.S’s Pluto return which will bring the energy of 1776 around again. Again, we should see serious changes in the economy and political structure. America is the new Atlantis, are we sinking?

Who has heard of or tried the 369 manifestation method? All Angel numbers equal 3, 6, or 9 which is very interesting especially since Nikola Tesla says those numbers are the key to the Universe. I’ll be trying it, join me!

We may all have melanin but we don’t all have carbon. Carbon is connected to Saturn energy. 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons, “Satan” isn’t necessarily evil. Carbon makes diamonds and it rains diamonds on Saturn. Is there’s a connection here between Black people, Saturn and the Messiah? I think so…

When it comes to your glamour magick, dairy is causing inflammation and the reason your hyperpigmentation isn’t fading. Sugar and dairy are highly addictive and hard to quit. Replacing sugar cravings with fresh fruit is a way to start to wean yourself off processed sugars.

Is there a connection between IUD’s and other forms of birth control and mental health? I’ve heard of IUD’s affecting women’s mental health over the years.

Pop Culture 

Kidada jones, daughter of Quincy jones is starting to get called out for past behaviors. She was involved with both Tupac and Aaliyah and they both died well before their time. She also did some magick for LL Cool J involving an, “eternal fire.” Was Kidada a nepotism baby turned Industry Trojan horse? Stranger things have happened….Hype Williams I’m looking at you too…

Who else is laughing at Khloe and Tristan along with me? Yes Khloe is insecure but please understand the Kartrashians are a black breeding cult. She’ll prob pop another baby this year, She’s staying for his dna…

HBO’s hit show Euphoria returns for season 2 on the 9th. I’m a Maddy Stan so I may watch just for her and Rue. The show is low-key pedo friendly though. Let’s talk about it.

Elizabeth Holmes has been found guilty of fraud on several accounts but I doubt justice will be truly served. Her and Ghislaine are extreme dangers to society and need to be locked up underneath a jail.

Want to add your opinion on the topics discussed? Drop down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter @glamagickbeauty! Until next time, love y’all…

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