Capricorn and Cancer are Mother and Son, Not Mom and Dad



Welcome to Glamour Magick Beauty. In this post I’ll be delving into what I consider, Creation Theory. After studying astrology for the past 3 years, I’ve come up with the idea that there may be a mistake in the understanding of Cancer’s relationship to Capricorn. They are typically thought to be the parental figures of the zodiac, Mom and Dad, but I believe it’s actually Cancer and Leo. Ride with me.


Before I take you down the theory rabbit hole, let’s talk science. The Moon and the Sun never go retrograde. I believe this is because despite their constant movement they are our stable zodiac parents. Constant movement being the Sun’s daily rising and setting and the Moon’s movement into a new zodiac sign every two and a half days. The Moon is regarded as feminine energy and the Sun a masculine energy. Energy isn’t assigned to gender, and these astral bodies bodies are “divine” in nature.

Leo in the western zodiac is thought to represent the ego and soul, and by the Lion–who is thought to be king of the jungle. Even if you don’t believe any of this, let’s not forget the fact that the Sun is the center of our Universe and all the other planets revolve around it. The Sun is the hottest and brightest celestial body and is seen but also felt–it can not be ignored. Us Earthlings desperately need the Sun, no questions asked. Furthermore, the Sun is even responsible for the Moon’s light.

As it pertains to Saturn, this planet is a masculine energy as well but it moves slow and goes retrograde frequently. Capricorn and Aquarius are the two zodiac signs that are influenced by Saturn. Saturn is described as a, Father like figure that rules time and is a disciplinarian in astrology. Aquarius is deemed as an aloof air sign that’s humanitarian with a god complex.

Leo and Aquarius have ego and social skills in common. In astrology they actually happen to be opposites. I find it interesting that both these Saturn ruled signs have connections to the Moon and the Sun. Also, as it pertains to elements, the Sun and the Moon are fire and water. Also, Leo and Cancer are fire and water signs and Aquarius and Capricorn complete the quadruplet by being air and earth signs.

That being said, I believe Saturn is the malefic son of the Sun. I specify malefic because I also believe Jupiter is Saturn’s benevolent twin brother. Saturn representing the law and Jupiter being the face of religion. These two also behave neutral to each other as it concerns aspects and transits. Stick with me.


In Tarot, Leo is represented by the Major Arcana card Strength. However, not on a brawn level but on a mental and spiritual level. Inner strength is much more necessary than physical strength in the grand scheme of things. I believe it takes strength to do both the “right” and “wrong” thing but certainly it takes strength to follow the path of one’s higher self.

In Tarot there’s also the Sun card which represents joy, happiness, success and warmth. The Moon card is secretive, quiet and ambiguity. Saturn energy is represented by the World and the Devil card. The Devil card is highly feared but it has more to do with loss of control rather than a scary entity with red horns. The World card is the exact opposite as it’s absolute detachment and contentment. Jupiter is thought to be represented by the Wheel of Fortune in Tarot since it’s a planet of fortune, luck and abundance.


Let’s break down words for a moment. Sun = soul. In French–a language I know just a little bit of–Sun is, “Soleil”, which one could break down to “sol”. Saturn is easily broken down to “Satan”. I believe that the Sun embodies “Christ consciousness” or the vibration of love.

Christianity and Spirituality Breakdown

Mother and Son

In Christianity, Mary is the Messiah, Jesus’s mother. Despite her virgin status she brings God’s son to Earth. Don’t miss how Christianity’s masculine God didn’t replicate Jesus’s creation like he did with Adam and Eve–just food for thought.

Anywho, the mother and son relationship Mary and Jesus have is seen throughout several religions as Madonna and Child, or other variations of mother and son. I believe Saturn and Capricorn and the Moon and Cancer have that kind of special connection. Mary had a little lamb and Capricorn just happens to be depicted by a goat in the zodiac. In astrology, her and her son’s elements compliment each other as water and earth. Feminine energy is represented by water, chaos, or the abyss. Water is DNA, memory, intuition and psychic ability. Water or women are, “Source”. everyone comes from a woman. That’s a fact.

In artistic depictions, we always see her and her son together, there’s not too many images of mother and father with their son(s). The Sun is usually placed behind Mary’s head in the form a halo which I think it lends itself to the idea that the Father or God isn’t present in the physical realm, only in the spiritual.

Art by Trichelle Lee

Furthermore, Dali’s, “crucifixion” features Jesus with floating above an unfolded cube. Cubes feature six sides and six is thought to be the number of love, a perfect number and has a connection to Venus. Does coming to this prison planet mean we’re boxed in? Is our skin a box? When we die we go in a box. Again, just more food for thought. It’s also worth considering that Venus worship is associated with Islam and pilgrimage to the Mecca involves mass gathering at a black box. Love is also at the center of many different religions globally, not just Christianity…

Father and Son

I interpret Saturn and the Sun’s relationship as father and son. I believe Saturn or Satan, wants to be his dad as he’s jealous of him. Leo’s often deal with a lot of jealousy from everyone around them. Despite Saturn being associated with delays, discipline, aging and hard work, he isn’t all bad, just karmic in nature. Sometimes Saturn is even referred to as a, “Time Lord.” Also, it’s the only planet with a series of rings. Rings make me think of cycles or karmic loops. Capricorn or Saturn energy is also high achievement, status, wealth and obsession with power.

Saturn believes through material possessions, people worship and accolades he can one up his father. The World’s elites believe Saturn used to be the center of the universe and still worship him. This energy is tied to pagan gods Moloch, Satan, and Baal. This energy is very greedy and requires constant offerings and sacrifice, usually children.  

On the contrary, the Sun loves kids but Saturn doesn’t mind eating them. Isn’t it also common for people to name their sons after their father, maybe that explains the “Son” title? It’s also really easy to get the two mixed up even though they are completely different energies. Following the idea that Satan or the Devil is a fallen angel who was cast out of Heaven, I theorize his father sent him to rule over Earth. Doppelgängers can’t coexist and maybe God sent his son down to teach humans? This is my explanation for why Earth is thought to be a prison planet. To play Devil’s Advocate, this world can be harsh but we still have diamonds. I believe this is why God warns us not to fall in love with or be of this world. Getting caught up in the happenings on this planet could halt one’s ascension to higher realms. It’s easy to fall victim to the love of earthly possessions and get trapped in the loop. There’s a need for balance between between the material and the spiritual.

As Saturn’s light side Aquarius is a lot like his father. It’s thought that Satan and Jesus are just one person having a high and low vibrational experience. Snakes sometimes represent Aquarius and are seen on the World card. The snake was also at the center of the Garden of Eden which makes me think there’s a link between fallen angels and Shapeshifting reptilians…

So what do y’all think? I’m open to theories whether you agree or don’t. Let’s talk in the comments. Discover more on the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast…

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