Hydrating Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin


Welcome to Glamour Magick Beauty. A bad breakout from a highly fragranced body wash left me in need to restock my body care. Upon finding a coupon for Dove at my local grocer I decided to stock up on a couple of my tried and true favorites along with some new products.

Most bar soaps are super drying but Dove’s have moisturizing abilities that remain unmatched. Dove original and Dove Pink/rosa have such soft and feminine scents and their formulas truly nourish my sensitive and eczema prone skin like none other. I promise I’m not being sponsored, I’ve used Dove for years and their products have never irritated my skin.

I prefer bar soap to body wash as I believe the fats in bar soap provide additional hydration. However, I had a coupon and I wanted to get a back up cleanser just incase so I picked up Dove’s gentle exfoliating wash. I decided to try something new by picking up their exfoliating body polish since I need a body scrub to help keep my skin supple and to combat ingrown hairs after shaving.

Speaking of shaving, I restocked on razors as well.

I have some Isopropyl alcohol pictured because applying this on bare skin after showering and especially shaving helps to minimize common eczema symptoms such as bumps, itchiness and other forms of irritation. It also helps to clear up excess dirt, kill bacteria and germs and assists with healing.

Hydration is key to maintain soft skin and a radiant complexion. I thoroughly enjoy pure coconut oil as it’s 100% natural and the easiest to slather on post shower. However, I love Dove’s beauty creams as hand creams or to have something lightly scented to rehydrate throughout the day.

Have y’all tried any of these products? What are some of your favorite body care products if your skin is sensitive or eczema prone? Do you change up your routine in the Winter? Let’s talk in the comments. Don’t forget to tap into the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast.

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