The Super Bowl, Gun Violence, the Matrix and the Metaverse

February 15 2022


Welcome to Glamour Magick Beauty. If you missed the latest Sun Day episode of the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast here is a brief recap of the topics I covered. Tap into the full episode here.

Pop Culture

-Super Bowl Halftime show and the Olympics: The 2022 Halftime show was awesome. Thank you 50 Cent and Snoop for an amazing show and a special thank you to Queen Mary because she’s that girl. Shout out to Jay-Z for phoning some friends. We The People got the Blackity Black show we needed it and we loved it!

-LA rail money went to the stadium: On another note, supposedly Los Angeles was supposed to get a rail system. In fact, the project was in the works for years but was put to rest due to issues with funding. Sorry but it looks like the money may have been put into the SoFi Stadium…

-Rewriting the constitution, the Purge: I’m hearing talks of the U.S Constitution being rewritten. This is frightening because according to the Purge film franchise this is exactly how the concept of “purging” started. I mention the Purge films because if you’ve been following GMB for a while you know all about how The Powers That Be (TPTB) use predictive programming in the media.

-CEO of Moderna deletes his twitter account and dumped his stocks: Speaking of Powers That Be, the CEO of Moderna just deleted his Twitter account after dumping his stocks. He did this right before the Pluto Return (all TPTB are occultists and spiritually tapped in) so he knows something is coming…

-Mayor of New York Wants to Ban Drill music: I totally understand why the Mayor of New York wants to ban Drill music. Like its fellow subgenre, Trap music, Drill promotes nothing but extreme violence and braggado…NEXT!

-Chloe and Gunna are too desperate to sell records: Music industry puppets Chloe and Gunna were caught by very obviously hired paparazzi on the set of their new video, “You & Me”. I get that these two are budding stars and need press but showing out for the cameras isn’t going to help them sell mediocre music. I’m not sorry because the truth doesn’t care who tells it.

-Metaverse Slavery: An NFT slave auction happened! A collection of numbered photos featuring Black people were sold on the NFT market. I’ve been warning y’all about the metaverse. Stay away!

-Isiah Rashad: An unsavory video performing oral pleasures on another man hit the net and of course people were in an uproar but why? It’s been rumored for years about rappers being into DL activities behind the scenes–whether for music deals or for personal preference…

-Jim Jones at Gucci: Why are black people still thirsting to be accepted by brands that don’t give a damn about them? Jim Jones have some self love and stop begging.

-Why Nelly and Lil Fizz showing they peens?: They gotta be doing it for clout because why?

-DWHP and Bussin by Nicki and Lil Baby: I like, “Do We Have a Problem?” more than, “Bussin”. Lil Baby needs to promote harder tho

-NCAA & NBA Young boy: NBA youngboy was replaced, NCAA is a figment of the music industry’s imagination…

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