Possible Remedies for PCOS, Diabetes & Hormonal Imbalance

February 27 2022


Welcome to Glamour Magick Beauty. Today I want to follow up on a previous conversation held hereabout hormonal imbalance. As I’ve entered my mid-twenties I’ve noticed subtle changes in my body, specifically my hormones. Over the past year and a half symptoms such as sugar cravings, increased appetite and hirsutism have crept into my reality. After a few doctor visits, some googling and a few debit card swipes later I’m here with some info and natural remedies that might help but please be aware that I’m far from a doctor. I am a professional journalist with great research skills and a lady looking for results just like some of you.

The Lady Facts

Starting off with some basics about my health may help you all get a better understanding of my situation. I’m in my mid-twenties, African American, probably underweight (I’m naturally slim and petite) and overall healthy. My periods are regular and my ovulation is fine. In addition to having a History of fainting spells over the years, I’m starting to show symptoms of type 2 diabetes, slim, adult onset diabetes.While a blood test is needed PCOS can be a culprit of diabetes and insulin resistance. Low blood pressure, itchy skin. PCOS can cause diabetes due to insulin resistance. According to ContemporaryOBGYN.nET”Normal menstruation is common in women who have hyperandrogenism, hirsutism, or both.”

Working against me is my family history. Diabetes and Hypertension run in my family and the women on my mother’s side suffer from hirsutism. They have yet to get a hold of it and many deal with it through harsh skin care products, involved beauty routines, or tweezing and plucking. None of these treatments have provided longstanding or permanent because clearly the root of the problem isn’t being handed correctly. That cycle of accepting defeat ends with me. I’m dedicated to not just treating but healing and curing whatever is causing my hirsutism and other symptoms.

I Saw the Signs

Let’s dial back to 2020. While my overall health is nice on the surface, early-mid 2020 I started noticing there would be times I’d have the sudden urge to pee, like to the point I’d have to go right then and there. I started to wonder if I had a bladder problem, which would be strange considering I was even younger during this time. Anywho, as time went on I started noticing a sensation in my right leg. After some googling I was convinced I had a cyst or endometriosis. After having an ultrasound and getting my urine tested, my doctor said she found nothing and told me if I came back she would send me to physical therapy. A few weeks later I realized I was dealing with sciatica and that had no affect on my lady parts.

However, as the weather warmed up my skin started to have issues but not the skin on my face– which has managed to remain quite clear through all these bodily changes. I’m talking about my chest area. Suddenly my chest was itchy and was mildly breaking out. I have a history of sensitive skin so I changed soaps and while this helped a bit, I also noticed this was a breakout unlike the others. I proceeded to book a dermatology appointment where I was told I had eczema and was prescribed a steroid cream. I knew this wasn’t eczema and was linked to something hormonal so I didn’t pick up the steroid cream from the pharmacist. I figured I should go at this alone again for a little longer since me and all the doctors I had gone to see seemed pretty lost.

As months passed, the problem slowly got worse. I began to get the occasional chest hair that I’d have to pluck. This eventually spread to the occasional small hair on my chin and lower jaw, to me being mildly attacked by hirsutism on my upper arms, legs and upper back. Most of the time a hair never appears but the irritation and scarring is front and center. While this is incredibly self-esteem shattering and frustrating I am grateful I don’t have raging hormonal or cystic acne, and my cycles and weight have also remained just fine.

The White Devil

As the changing of hygiene products seemed to have very little affect on my skin, my inference that this was an internal problem was confirmed. I started to notice every time I’d eat sweet stuff it’d irritate my skin. Indulging in sugar would typically leave me with itchy skin and maybe a new bump on my arm the next day. Weird but at least I was picking up on patterns. Research led me to discover that sugar can cause inflammation and disrupt hormones which is what has been stimulating my excessive hair growth.

When I made adjustments, I saw results. I adapted more protein, less processed sugar, more whole foods, fruits, smoothies and less dairy. I didn’t have to make drastic changes for results. My skin was calming down, scars were fading and irritation bumps were going away. The new struggle has been sticking to said adjustments. I’ve had appetite changes and an intense sweet tooth for the past year and a half. The White Devil aka sugar is the hardest drugs to hit the streets since sliced bread but I’m dead set on curbing my cravings.


Upon learning about how much sugar affects hormones I decided I needed to really get some self control. The past year I’ve been eating a lil bit of everything. On one hand I’m still enjoying frozen fruity beverages but on the other I’m eating salads and smoothies. I’ve been adding some of the supplements listed below to my smoothies for help with some of my symptoms. I’m only in the beginning of my journey so I don’t know how majority of the list works.


Vitex a.k.a chasteberry is commonly used for:

  • acne
  • PMS and menopause symptoms
  • infertility
  • joints and bone fractures

DIM: DIM is a mixture of highly concentrated cruciferous vegetables (Brussel sprouts, Kale, Broccoli, etc) that balances hormones in both men and women. It’s good to take whether your estrogen is low or high. Great for:

  • hormonal acne
  • PMS symptoms
  • detoxing and boosting metabolism
  • improving memory
  • slowing the growth/development of cancer cells
  • PCOS and diabetes

Many women with PCOS and hormonal issues have magnesium deficiency. Magnesium helps with bones, blood sugar and blood pressure so I recommend it for help with insulin resistance and those pesky sugar cravings. There are many different kinds of magnesium but not all gets absorbed properly. Pick up some magnesium chloride if you want to take it in supplement form but I believe the best way to ensure absorption is to eat foods high in magnesium. Some said foods are:

  • chocolate
  • avocados
  • cashews
  • spinach
  • almonds/almond milk

(Evening) Primrose is high in fatty acids that have anti-inflammation properties. I usually take it for PMS symptoms but it also helps with:

  • diabetes nerve damage
  • skin health
  • hypertension
  • osteoporosis

Maca is a another cruciferous vegetable that promotes:

  • weight gain or weight loss depending on your body chemistry
  • fuller breasts, hips, thighs
  • fertility and sexual libido
  • menopause
  • mood and energy

Saw Palmetto is a palm-like tree and while it’s most known for its benefits with the male prostate, it’s berries have anti-inflammation and anti androgen properties that help women with hormonal imbalance. Take Saw Palmetto for:

  • hirsutism
  • hair loss
  • acne
  • menopause or PCOS

Spearmint tea/Green tea: Tea naturally has anti-androgen and anti-stress benefits Spearmint is known best for helping with hirsutism. Green tea helps a little more with metabolism, energy and focus but drink water to prevent dehydration regardless of the tea you make.

Please let me know in the comments if any of you have been diagnosed with PCOS or Diabetes and how you’ve adjusted your lifestyle to accommodate it. Have any of my readers tried any of the above supplements with success or failure? Let’s talk! Until next time…

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