Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa’s ‘Sweetest Pie’ Review

March 2022


Welcome back! Houston Rapper Megan Thee Stallion just dropped a song and music video with Pop songstress, Dua Lipa. Titled, ‘Sweetest Pie’, the music video is the real cherry of the record and is directed by none other than industry vet Dave Meyers. With credits like Drake’s, ‘Way 2 Sexy’, ‘Sicko Mode’ and Kendrick Lamar’s, ‘Humble’, Meyers definitely knows how to get trippy. Following the plot line of a Hansel and Gretel inspired horror tale, the visuals for, ‘Sweetest Pie’ relies on sex and symbolism to lure you to the end of the story. Let’s get into the review.

The beginning of the video leads viewers through a garden filled with trees in the shapes of voluptuous women, a water fall and what appears to be a spider chamber covered made of sticks and greenery (?). The Alice and Wonderland style font on the opening credits is a subconscious push down the rabbit hole. It isn’t before long that we see a group of young men walking around as if they’re lost. Despite being in a heavily wooded setting that also looks slightly swampy due to the water fall and various puddles, these men are dressed in fancy streetwear. However, they have plastic on to protect their shoes…strange. Anywho, they stumble upon the spider chamber get captured by Megan and Dua.

I don’t usually incorporate astrology into decoding content but as I began to break down this video I realized it’s Pisces season. Also, every time the Sun moves into a new sign Venus and Mercury aren’t too far behind which means, ‘Sweetest Pie’, has a Pisces stellium. I feel that necessary to mention because I rewinded this video several times and asked, “what?” several times before I even made it a minute in. You to really pay attention — Pisces is co-ruled ruled by Neptune, the father of illusions. Meg and Dua’s spider shaped tree house made me do a double take at first. The spider’s red eyes and mouth are a clear sign of danger but the black widows manage to draw the men in.

Enter Dua and Meg in what I assume is either the mouth or vagina of the spider –the walls look teeth-like. Fashion is an integral part of this video as well so I can’t not mention the ladies’ Disney villain-esque Couture. Dua’s Schiaparelli gown and Megan’s black latex dress was giving Puss and Boots meets dark feminine vibes. The horns on Dua’s dress reminds me of Chloe Bailey’s gown in her debut video, “Have Mercy”. The spider crawling under Dua’s cheek is the third confirmation that the insect symbolism is blatant and high in this video.

As I digress, now that the men are caught they get exactly what they may have actually been looking for, cake. Peep flicks of the male victims below gorging on cake off the rear ends of scantily clad models. From the songs title to the visuals, ‘Sweetest Pie’, is a dessert packed with innuendo. Our leading lady’s outfit switch to a blue and pink color scheme and our Rapstress is a pearl corset. From my understanding the blue and pink represents the polarity of divine masculine and feminine and the pearls represent siren and martian energy.

Once the men are done feasting Megan dismisses them and sends them to a dome shaped dungeon with walls lined with glazed, bouncing butts. Golden statues of naked women with fire between their legs serve as exquisite decor while the men sit in a pot atop a pit of fire. Meg dances to distract and entertain her dinner while Dua turns into a spider into an attempt to eat the men. But before they can say, “Bon Appetít”, the men get scared and run for their lives.

The femmes fatales are persistent so they follow the men out to the forest but they end up tied up and burned at the stake — a nod to the horrors of the Salem witch trials. Also don’t miss the penis towers in the back. It seems as if Meyers’s goal was to integrate as much sexual imagery into the visuals as possible to sort of hypnotize and occupy the audience’s attention. Can we blame him though? Tik Tok’s got the people with the attention spans of Goldfish.

However, the man eaters don’t care because they combine their energies/powers to ether all the men alive and eradicate them completely. From the ashes rise to beautiful phoenixes. Dark feminine energy wins again. Maybe they’ll recreate humanity through parthenogenesis?

Meg’s split tongue action at the end and king cobra imagery is giving a reptilian and an insectilian have come together to push boundaries.

The visuals of, ‘Sweetest Pie’, radiates Hansel & Gretel meets soft porn and modern day feminism. I attribute the video’s Mars in Aquarius placement to the use of technology in the form of a highly edited and produced music video to display a lot of sexually unconventional visuals. While the song was definitely designed to activate the root chakra it’s not memorable at all. The topic of solely having great lady parts is overdone and predictable and I’m one of the many fans that’s tired of seeing of Meg’s butt. We want bars Meg not butts! We are not Pardi and expensive visuals won’t suffice for an underwhelming song.

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