Briogeo Product Review for High Porosity Natural Hair

October 10 2021


Welcome back to Glamour Magick Beauty. In the spirit of Libra season and Venus in Sagittarius I treated myself to a shopping trip for new beauty products. A stop at my local Ulta lead to me bringing some Briogeo haircare home. Curly girls and product junkies gather round for my review of these fine products.

First and foremost, I have curly hair, specifically that of the 3c/4a high porosity texture. I look for products that hydrate, define curls, eliminate frizz and don’t weigh hair down.

Saturday was wash day. I shampooed with Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Shampoo then followed up with the Briogeo conditioner.

I did not let the conditioner sit and then rinse, I used it as a leave in. I hadn’t thoroughly detangled in a while so I grabbed a wide tooth comb, separated my hair in sections and went to work. I must say this product offered slip and the light hydration I was looking for.

I used this as my styling product after detangling. It’s also lightweight but it’s consistency is more like that of a creamy gel. However, the hold is pretty much non-existent so if that’s what you’re looking for then this isn’t your product.

Even after using both products my hair was soft and smooth. I thoroughly enjoyed the scent and the curl definition I got from it and it was certainly a luxurious experience. My waves were serving Tsunami and the curls were popping (black girl talk lol). No review yet on day two hair yet though.

I look forward to using it again and will make it my main styling boo for Venus in Sagittarius.

Get into my pics y’all. I’m almost 3 years post second Big Chop and I’m 10 years post relaxer.

To my curly girls out there l me know if y’all have tried any of these products in the comments or if you have questions. I’m on Twitter and IG. Tap into the podcast til the next post. Bye y’all…

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