Treat Yourself: Cap’n Crunch Berry Crispy Treat Recipe

October 7 2021


Welcome to Glamour Magick Beauty. Venus in Sagittarius and Libra season says treat yourself. For a quick and easy sweet treat you can make at home, stick around for my Cap’n Crunch Berry Crispy Treat recipe.

“Good” butter is essential. No seriously it makes all the difference in your food. I used about a half a stick as I’m a butter lover and this was my munchies snack. Ha!

Step 1: Melt boujee butter in a skillet

My mom has made some awesome rice crispy treats before so I called her up for help. She recommended I buy marshmallows in the jar so I picked this up on good faith.

Step 2: Add Marshallow choice to melted butter in skillet. Be as generous as you want to be

My cereal choice is the Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries cereal.

Step 3: I added about 3 bowls worth to my skillet and coated my cereal well with butter and marshmallow creme.

Step 4: Get a pan of any kind but most importantly get parchment paper so your treats don’t stick.

Step 5: Pour cereal, marshmallow creme and butter mix onto parchment paper and put in over for about 10 minutes.

Once out of oven let it cool for about 2-5 minutes and dig in!

Drop down in the comments and let me know how y’all enjoy this if you try it. Don’t forget to tap into the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast.

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