The Black Community, Idol Worship and PR Relationships


Happy Friday Y’all! The latest episode of the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast, Black Love & Situationships: The Michael B Jordan, Lori Harvey, Yung Miami & Diddy Psyop, is my opinion on these celeb couplings or rather, un-couplings. If you’re an active reader or listener, you know I’ve been fairly quiet about the “Manosphere”, “Black Love” and other topics that internet “Femcels” and “Incels” love to engage in. If you’re new, welcome. As I digress, Black people’s “romantic” antics in the media this week have left me feeling called to have a bigger conversation about what’s going on in our community. I know enough about the entertainment industry, the metaphysical realm and the Black community to know there’s an agenda behind these types of situationships being promoted in the media.

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