Product Review for High Porosity Natural Hair


Welcome to Glamour Magick Beauty. I recently purchased some new hair products to aid me along in my natural hair care journey so here’s a review. I’ve been natural for about ten years now with two big chops in that time span. The Natural Hair Community has not only taught me about caring for natural hair but how to care for hair based on hair texture or type. That said, I learned about hair porosity a few years back but after my second big chop I assumed I didn’t have to do anything but let my hair “be.” This was true for about the first year but once my hair got to a certain length I started to experience breakage. That’s when I remembered my hair was high porosity and was in dire need of a protein treatment.

I’m looking to grow my hair out and keep it healthy so I purchased several products to help get it back into pristine shape. A key to buying protein products are to look for words such as, “repair”, “strengthening” or anything related to improving hair damage. I recommend buying salon quality products as they are usually more potent and effective.

I’ve used Bed Head by TIGI on both my relaxed and natural hair with great results. The conditioner pictured here is the Urban Anti-dotes recovery line and was purchased at Marshall’s for $10. I use this about twice a week when I need to revive my curls. The texture is creamy and has lots of slip so it helps with detangling but the smell is a big pungent (not in a bad way just strong). I noticed instant results as my breakage/shedding reduced significantly just after one use of this product.

I just tried this Kenra strengthening treatment the other day and I’m very pleased with the results. I wouldn’t say it detangles as well as the Bed Head but this mask is lightweight and absorbs right into the hair shaft. I left this on my hair under a plastic for a while and when I washed it out my hair was like silk– no tangles, super soft and my curls were very defined. The tube is small for a reason as this product is highly concentrated so use sparingly. The smell is mild and I noticed excellent results immediately. This product truly did cut shedding and hair fall by 99%. I bought it at Ulta for $21.

Here are two products I wouldn’t recommend for Natural’s with high porosity hair. Despite them both being pricey salon products they didn’t agree well with my hair. I would have never purchased a sudsy shampoo had I known they weren’t the best choice for my hair type. The Kerastase shampoo is just ok–it cleans my scalp well but I do find it to be slightly drying even though it claims to contain the brand’s highly regarded “Elixir Ultime Oil”. I do own the actual oil and it’s amazing so I only feel this way about this shampoo.

As far as the Redken Extreme Length conditioner it was flat out ineffective as my hair was still breaking after giving it several tries. I’ve had great experiences with both of these brands in the past but this time was a miss. Happens.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these products or are interested in them. Tap into the Glamour Magick Beauty podcast til next time…

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