March 5 2022


Welcome to Glamour Magick Beauty. By now I’m sure most of my readers are aware of the concept of Virtual Realty (VR) and know that it’s the future–for some of us. If Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos are the new founding fathers of the New World Order, you can count me out. Fashion and music are often used as psychological warfare to influence the masses. Balenciaga, Kanye and Kim, Zuckerberg and Elon are clearly all working together to ease people into the Metaverse. As privacy concerns grow, anonymity is becoming mainstream. Let’s talk about it.


Facebook, now known as Meta is playing a major role in leading society into VR. The company’s leader, Mark Zuckerberg seeks to induct people into the “Metaverse”, a VR world where he would be king. He and fellow Silicon Valley giant Elon Musk have started partnering with rappers and fashion creatives to promote the transhuman agenda and ultimately the New World Order.

Balenciaga, GAP, Yeezy

Starting with Spanish-French fashion house Balenciaga. Their Spring ’22 fashion show is titled, Clones, and expresses their current view on society from a clothing perspective. According to Balenciaga, “We see our world through a filter – perfected, polished, conformed, photoshopped. We no longer decipher. Technology creates alternate realities and identities, a world of digital clones.” The show features many monochromatic looks, particularly black, shoulder pads and oversize jackets. I’d consider it a health mix of futuristic couture, sophisticated work wear and luxury streetwear looks.

Balenciaga also partnered up with the Simpsons to create a promo commercial. If you’re in the know, then you know that the Simpsons is pretty much an elite created and controlled cartoon laced with predictive programming. The luxury clothing brand has also teamed up with Fortnite, Gap, Yeezy and Meta to push TPTB’s agenda.

Below are photos of the GAP, Yeezy and Balenciaga collaboration. Kanye used to get roasted for selling “Hunger Games” like gear in Yeezy’s first few seasons but his designs have become increasingly popular over the years. Yeezy is now valued at $9 Billion so his influence and branding speaks for itself. Kanye was already teamed up with GAP to make basic vibrantly colored but basic puffer jackets and hoodies Black culture approved. With the two juggernauts partnering with Balenciaga, it’s clear Kanye is being used as the middle man to connect the streets to the corporate office – making the agenda more accessible. When examining the looks from the collab through an occult lens, themes of nomadism, civil unrest, war, militarism, anonymity and rebellion are apparent. On the surface (p)leather, rain boots, track suits, jumpsuits, denim jackets, hoodies and what looks to be ponchos or overcoats provide comfort and weather protection for those with an active lifestyle.

These looks are fitting for the brand as Kanye began popularizing the Margiela masks over a decade ago and he’s returned to covering his face and wearing blue collar worker style attire for the past few months.

My interpretation of the faceless fashion agenda is that the influence of Meta’s Instagram has already influenced people to want to look alike. Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye have leveraged their celebrity into serious influence on beauty and fashion. Therefore, if the ultimate goal is to get people to at the very least think about joining in on the Metaverse action – these two are great people to call. If China were to gain the control they desire then privacy would be at an all time low and surveillance and censorship would be at all time high via their social credit system. I can imagine people would want to preserve some type of privacy and anonymity as the ultimate goal of the NWO is to watch and control every aspect of your life. Also, with the arrival and rise of C-19, people have been wearing masks and other rap artists have promoted wearing ski masks in their music. As crime is up all over the country, the wearing of masks is higher than ever and laws are eerily relaxed. It’s clear that Meta, Kim and Ye, Balenciaga and TPTB are using political agendas, fashion, social and mass media and music frequency programming to influence the general public.

His wife has Kim been offered a Balenciaga deal as well. Form fitting all black looks, leather, zippers, and structure jackets give BDSM vibes but also leader of the Matrix energy. Kim’s outfits represent the propaganda media machine and psychological warfare. Don’t let her and her estranged husband’s beef over the Tik Tok app go over your head…

Other celebrities and influencers who have been pushing the faceless fashion looks are Cardi B and Alonzo Arnold seen below.

On a more spiritual note I see eyes as windows to the soul. If society moves to a culture of not being perceived, then social distancing will go way beyond six feet. If you’ve ever seen the film, ‘the Giver’, society seems like it’s going in that direction. Cold, emotion-less and dull.

What do y’all think? I think on one hand gatekeeping your beauty is a way to protect your energy. However, I do not stand for transhumanism and VR. How do you interpret their outfits as it relates to the future of fashion? Special thank you to Alchemist Indy for her decoding knowledge. Tap in to the podcast or HMU on twitter or IG in the meantime…

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